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Dear gorgeous person, you!

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I absolutely love birthdays - it's that one time of the year when you have a legit excuse to dress up. Kids parties I find are the best too, you can get away with wearing anything! I designed some lovely invitation cards for my niece's birthday using the Basic Invite website and in this blog post, I'd love to share my experience of using this website with you. 

I also thought it would be a brilliant idea to make a video in addition to this post. This way, hopefully you can get a better idea of what the cards really look like. Scroll down to see the video below.

These were all samples as I wanted to test out what would work great for the theme of the party as well as get a good idea of what varieties Basic Invites have. 

I was very impressed with the packaging when they arrived... so beautiful and chic. How lovely are they you guys? I legit didn't want to open the envelope. I had read some good reviews online and I was expecting to be wowed by the cards but certainly not straight away by the packaging. As I mentioned in the video, it felt like it was packaged with love :) 

I really enjoyed the process of selecting the cards on the website. for starters, there are so many to select from and they all already look so beautiful in their template designs that you kinda don't wanna mess up the designs from having too much to choose from. 

I particularly love how much you can custom them... from changing the texts to adding borders to the fonts. You can also select the paper finish options - signature matte, smooth coated, luxe velvet, double thick matte etc. In addition, you can add designs to the back of the cards, I went for plain backs as I thought it worked well for the occasion. 

The possibilities are amazing and you can truly get unique cards that no one else would have! You can design cards for weddings, baby showers, graduations, baptisms, birthday parties, business cards, printables, stationaries etc.

The best thing about customising the cards is the variety of colours and how you can mix them up. You can choose more than just the colour of your fonts, you can choose specific colours for borders and so on. On the website, you get a fantastic idea anyway but they kindly sent me some free custom samples seen below. Watch the video to see the full sample as there are loads more at the back of the card. I'm such a visual person, very colour inclined and so I love a variety of colours.  

The envelopes omg, how amazing does this design look? As mentioned in my video, I only designed one envelope because people never keep them. I also don't mind plain envelopes but that's probably because I've never got an invite with such a gorgeous envelope before. With plain envelopes though, I feel like the cards/invites do all the talking and especially when your invites look like these... just saying! :) 

However, I did design one so I could show you an available option. I absolutely love this. Watch the video though to get a good idea of what this lovely looking gold bit on the inside feels like. In hindsight, I wish I designed more envelopes now!

As aforementioned, this was such an easy, enjoyable process. If you can use a smart phone, you'll definitely have no issues using the website at all. You don't even need to have a creative eye as such, most of that work has already been done for you. 

My experience with their staff has been fantastic. I also love the fact that they followed up right away. They sent me a personalised email to ask if I was happy with my delivery, that's exceptional customer service right there! I'm looking to design some new business cards and I will definitely use them again, for sure.

And for the video... please watch and let me know your thoughts. I hope you find it useful.

Let me know if you use Basic Invite for anything. Check out their website here. They're also on InstagramFacebook and Twitter. More specifically, on their website, you can find links for Custom Party Invites, First Birthday Invites and Birthday Party Invitations. Happy designing beautiful people.

Wishing you a joyful start to your week. No pun intended :P

Lots of love, 

xo xo 

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