Thursday, August 24, 2017


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

Just over two months ago, I decided to start doing Facebook live workouts every Saturday at 9am (UK time). Much to my delight, our fitness family is slowly expanding with people from all walks of life -  mums doing my workouts with their kids, men and women of all ages and fitness levels - it's brilliant. I feel very grateful and get so excited every Saturday morning.

The workouts are so much fun. We're very body positive and it really has become our little hub of all things fitness. I started the hashtag #SweatWithJoy because you're not only sweating with me, you're sweating because you're happy, you're joyful, you're working out for fun, not abs!! Watch the video below to get a litle glimpse.

We do HIIT -High-Intensity Interval Training... wait for it... to Afrobeats... yes, Afrobeats!!! We have 30seconds to workout as intensely as we can and 30seconds to rest. The rest period is also an opportunity to dance, twerk and be silly, simply because we can. The workouts usually last about 30 - 40minutes. It really is a fun experience and every Saturday, we get new people joining in so why not come join us? It's completely free.

To join, all you need to do is like my facebook fitness page here and when I'm live on Saturdays at 9am (UK time), you can simply stream live and workout with me. It's that simple.

But seriously though, check out my absolute star of a pup. She's not actually mine unfortunately - I wish she was. How cute is she though? Her name is Ruby and she kinda sorta helped me make this video below.  

In this video below, I explain why I HIIT - the main things you need to know. Enjoy.

See you on Facebook this Saturday my loves.

xo xo 

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