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Dear gorgeous person, you! 

Gosh, it sorta feels like my entire life was put on hold for a month in preparation for my birthday! I turned 30 this week shhh!!! It was kinda a big deal, celebrating with 120 people back home. We had lots to plan and sort out before the day and as a result of this, I've been partly MIA - away from you mostly here and on youtube - I'm soooo SORRY! Instead I've kept in touch on  Instagram and Facebook

Side note, I do free Facebook live workouts every Saturday at 9am London time. If you miss them live, the videos are available to watch back and workout to at your convenience, see them here. Anyways, as much fun as birthday shenanigans were, it definitely feels fantastic to be fully back with you now yay!!!!

In today's post, I wanted to share with you some exciting and well overdue news following my video below with the gorgeous Hilary Rowland (my woman crush aka Co-founder and Creative Director of Boom Cycle). It really is amazing to think a lot has happened since we made this video just eight weeks ago. Read my last post to find out more about Hilary and Boom Cycle here

Since the video, they've launched a blog and have an active wear line in the making but the most exciting thing being that the Boom Cycle Hammersmith studio is now open and oh my lawwddd! It's freaking amazing! It's absolutely beautiful and just beyond stunning (I know, same thing! Sorry, excited). I was fortunate enough to attend a morning ride taught by Hilary a few weeks ago and no words, simply no words. 

The studio is conveniently only 2 minutes walk from Hammersmith station. As you approach the building, it starts to dawn on you that Boom Cycle have stepped up their game BIG TIME! The side of the almost 4000 sq ft building has a huge sign with the Boom Cycle logo, Bikes, Beats and Boom written all over it. It immediately gives you the impression you're about to be wowed. You kinda feel like you're part of something special even before you step in.

...And as you walk in, you really are wowed! I was literally walking in with my mouth open and my eye brows going OMG! Is it weird to say that I was overcome with a feeling of pride, considering I had zero part to play in it? Hahaha. I was just really happy for co-founders Hilary & her hubby Robert Rowland as well as the BC team, knowing how hard they've all worked. This has been a long time coming too as Hilary had filled me in, saying they first scouted this building in 2015, lost it to a restaurant and then eventually got it back. Read more about what Robert had to say about some of the difficulties they faced and how they overcame them.

Y'all fitness buddies will appreciate how important location is when you run a boutique studio, even from a consumers perspective. For the owners though, the location alone can make you so ahead of the game but of course, as it is Boom Cycle, this coupled with their super friendly staff, their fun approach to fitness, crazy energy and pretty awesome classes - they are already way ahead of the competition without a shadow of a doubt.

As a consumer who also happens to be a photographer and a woman, the very first thing that appeals to me is the ample natural lighting. Boom Cyclers know that Holborn is underground (I believe Shoreditch is too but I haven't been yet as Holborn was my first love and I didn't want to cheat on her heehee!). 

The Hammersmith reception has such high ceilings and simply feels like it goes on forever. You somehow get the feeling that you're meant to be there. I need to stop sounding so deep! :) Right ahead of you is the huge Boom Cycle logo proudly sitting over the reception area - also perfect for taking those post workout selfies. To your left is a seating area, outside lockers and the changing rooms whilst to your right is the bar and a staircase that leads you to the fantastic looking studios.

Did I also mention the beautiful outside seating area you have just walked past to get into the studio? So you could go to a class, have a shower, a lovely post workout shake and then sit outside (or inside) and work on your laptop? Mhm, count me in!

Then there's the lovely changing room space. The number of times I go somewhere to kill a good workout but then have to get on the tube with my sweaty and wet clothes, simply because I can't bring myself to use their showers lol. No, not here. Aside from the obviously spacious, very clean and tidy changing rooms, showers and toilets, I love that they practically provide everything for you. Sweat & shower towels - tick, tampons - tick, GHDs - tick, waaaiit - dyson hair dryers - seriously? Tick! Hair pins, deodorants, the lot! 

The mirrors have such good lighting to do your makeup in and even the hand wash and lotions are Ren which retail about £16-18 per 300ml bottle! The taps are Dyson Ariblades which also double up as hand dryers and retail for about £1379 each! wooahh! Essentially, Robert and Hilary mean business! Boom have definitely not cut back on quality and it's this level of attention to such small detail that makes you realise that although they seem to have mastered the ride experience with their other studios, they have taken it one (big and expensive) step further and  carefully considered the consumer experience too.

One of my pet peeves is when you have to dry your hands with bloody dryers that essentially spread the water from your hands all over the floor. It's annoying trying to change in a changing room with wet floor - eww! Is that just me? With these Dyson dryers, everything stays in the sink! Someone at Boom Cycle literally thought about that! BOOM! *clapping emoji*

 I couldn't possibly describe the studios in such a way that will do them justice hence you will have to attend to experience it for yourself but seriously omg! 

A few days on from my first ride at Hammersmith, I was invited back to the official launch party as their photographer, which was such a privilege. However, I took these photos knowing that there is no way in the world photos could do this place any justice. You simply must visit.

The launch party was amazing. I met some incredible people and I kinda feel like an unofficial member of the Boom Cycle family now lol. So, Hammersmith is officially open. Go experience it for yourself. Book a class here. If it is your first time, Boom Cycle still have the intro offer £29 for 3 rides which would be crazy not to snap up. If you do go, be sure to let them know I sent you :) and let me know how it goes! Here are some more photos I took at the party. Feel free to check out more of my photography on 

What an absolute pleasure it was working with Boom Cycle on this mini project and I'm definitely looking forward to working with them again soon. To book me for photography, simply use the contact form on my photography website or email my manager

Have you been to Boom Cycle Hammersmith yet? Or perhaps you're planning on going? If you have been, be sure to let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Lots of love, 
xo xo 

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