Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

This summer has been the most amazing yet. Perhaps because I decided to approach the year with a positive boss attitude, despite all my setbacks. Perhaps it's because the weather has been absolutely amazing or maybe because I'm surrounded my amazingly positive people. Perhaps it's a combination of everything. The end result is that not only am I extremely happy and starting to feel like me again, I am also able to fearlessly throw myself into projects, events and simply just being available for my friends and family. Yay!

You might know that I'm also a photographer and of course when my gorgeous friend Lerato decided to cook her supper club guests an African roast, I was determined to go all out with the pictures. Lerato is an international chef and food writer whose food is inspired by rich African traditions but with a modern, contemporary twist. Naturally, her food is colourful, teasingly spicy and very tasty. So of course I felt the vibrance of the pictures had to match Lerato's bright looking summer menu. You can learn more about Lerato here 

Lerato organises regular supper clubs and her food is obviously very popular. Who doesn't like good food hey? This supper club was held at the top of a really lovely pub in Angel called The Joker. It was a very bright and airy private space large enough for all the guests to sit at the table or socialise around the room without feeling either claustrophobic or consumed. As it was such a beautiful day, it was also perfect for natural light pictures which made me very happy. I have only shared a few photos here but please visit my photography website to see the rest of these beautiful pictures in all their glory.

Lerato's menu on the day featured various things that made my tummy extremely happy such as jollof quinoa, an amazing mango and scotch bonnet puree which casted soooo good I had to take some home (so Nigerian lol), lamb, chicken, aubergines, plantains and suya! OMG yes - suya!!! I particularly loved how she managed to find a happy medium between teasing heat and beyond spicy. There were people who had never had African food before and would of course not want to go from eating no spice to heat that's guaranteed to blow your head off. However, people like myself who are used to the heat were still able to enjoy Lerato's food. To be honest, heat that's overwhelming can put you off anyway. As a result, she made sure there was something for everyone.

You definitely have to attend one of Lerato's supper clubs. She currently does them in London and Brighton/Sussex. Her supper club was also featured in Timeout as the number one thing to do last weekend.. See here for Leratos upcoming events. If you do go, be sure to tell her Joy sent you, you might even get mates rates haha. In the meantime, you can find Lerato on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Love you babies! 
Joy xo xo