Monday, May 22, 2017


Dear gorgeous person, you!

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As it is Monday, I wanted to help kick-start your week with a little bit of motivation. Often times, the one reason people give about not being able to keep fit is the lack of time. Whilst some might say that's just an "excuse", I can actually see why lack of time could be an issue. Yes, we all have the same amount of time in the day, yes we're all busy and have a life outside of work but for some people, getting to that very popular yoga class at 5.30pm every Tuesday just isn't an option when you have to do the school run or if you simply can't leave work on time.

Also, not everyone likes the idea of going to a class. Sometimes classes can be unintentionally intimidating. I actually love classes because I'm not great at motivating myself on my own - I have made it no secret that despite being a physiotherapist, exercise does not come natural to me. I'm more in love with the post-exercise feeling than exercise itself, hence I get a lot of energy from other people when I train. However, nothing could ever beat one-to-one training. I simply love knowing I have someone to over-see me, help me work at my own pace and encourage me just enough.

Enter yoga....

I've always ignorantly thought it was too slow paced for me and it simply does not feel like exercise. From a young age, I've always kind of seen exercise as that thing you do to put yourself through your paces to get your heart rate up, blood circulating and sweat dripping. Hence if I'm not out of breath, I'm clearly not working hard enough.


When I heard Charlie was coming round to my house, I couldn't have been any more excited if I tried. I was a little nervous but really, I couldn't contain my joy. I'd never had a personal session at home before, let alone yoga. I felt kinda special - shhhh! :) In terms of what we did in the session, I'll let the video speak for itself and as promised in the video, I wanted to leave you some details of where you can find Charlie and her yogis.

I'm not quite sure if it's because you're in the comfort of your own environment which means you not only feel safe but you also feel like no one is judging/watching. Perhaps the thought of this alone is enough to boost your confidence and help with improving your efforts, which in my case led to actually enjoying the whole experience much more than I would in a class. Or maybe it was because all of Charlie's attention was focused on helping me improve my yoga skills. It might also have been because I booked the session at a time that 100% suited me and I didn't have to experience that unsettling feeling of having of rushing into a class a few minutes late because I couldn't find parking or my bus was late. Maybe it was a bit of everything.

It's clear to see from the video how much fun we had but what you may not be able to tell is how emotional I got. Words (or a video) can't fully explain how much of a personal experience this was, especially for someone like me who finds it very difficult to relax, settle and focus. It's amazing how in tune with yourself you suddenly become when you are in your own environment and are being guided by someone else who's just as much in tune with you. 

Have you ever had a private yoga session at home or work? Or any other private session for that matter? Did you feel it was beneficial? If you haven't yet, how likely are you to try one out in the future? I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Lots of love, 

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