Sunday, May 14, 2017


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

As it is Sunday, I thought I should share something British. Usually people eat Fish and Chips for lunch on Fridays or as an option to a Sunday roast. Two weekends ago, E and I spent a few days exploring Dartmouth, down south (England). Just like in our Bournemouth Vlog, I'm still fairly new to visiting British seaside areas and so I get very excited to discover new places with very English traditions.

One of these places I discovered was Rockfish. When you strip it right down, it really is all about fish and chips and in Dartmouth, we noticed a small Rockfish branch on the high street that had no indoor seating. Yet, lots of people seemed to be queuing in the cold for their food, only to then stand outside, eating away - in the cold. E and I were naturally intrigued and thought Rockfish had to be doing something right! 

We had already had a bite to eat that day and so promised we'd be back the day after. The next day however, we decided to head over to Torquay where unbeknownst to us, was a much bigger, much better Rockfish. Also, rather than the small Dartmouth takeaway, it was actually a restaurant with a lot of indoor seating. So wait? like a fish and chips restaurant - ummm yes! We obviously had zero hesitation whatsoever because 1. Food. 2. Fish and Chips. 3. No further reasons needed.

I had the Whiting whilst E had one of the fresh fish caught that day. They had several 'freshies' on the menu and the lovely waiter Conor explained it all to us. On their normal menu, they had a lot more variety than I was expecting. Feel free to view that here

The location of the restaurant was perfect and central. Situated on Victoria Parade and overlooking the beautiful harbour. Despite it being a cold day with a bit of drizzle, it was still very beautiful. We sat by the window and were able to take it all in. I could only imagine what it felt like in the summer. 

The warm pale colours of the restaurant were so inviting. It had been made to look really lovely - like someone had thought it out so well. You get the feeling of being in a restaurant but the entire time, you're very conscious it's simply about good old English fish and chips. Wait though, not everyone wants deep fried fish all the time, so they generously offer for you to have your fish grilled as an option. We both of course went for grilled and I can tell ya it was a 9/10 for me. It's not a 10/10 simply because the fish still had some of the scales on so made eating a bit messy but that didn't take away from things such as the quality, taste and atmosphere. 

I would really love to visit Torquay again and when we do, I would certainly be going back to Rockfish.

Have you ever been? What did you have? Would you recommend this to anyone? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Let me know in the comments section below.

Lots of love,
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