Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

I can't even begin to express my joy in posting this. A little while ago, I received an email from Selena Brown - Donkor, founder of Fitness Blastoff. I had never heard of them before but attached to this lovely email was a video link. By now, you know how much I love working with new people. I get so excited to connect with people and the email was composed in such a lovely way, I couldn't resist. Naturally, I was curious. I clicked on the link and almost immediately started bopping my shoulders and feeling like I was at the event with them. The energy was electric, the music was too good to not dance to. It was right up my street and I couldn't wait to attend.

The event was held at 229 The Venue, Great Portland Street (London) on the 1st of April. I walked in and was guided down to the basement and although it was daylight outside, it was like a night club in there. It was dark-ish and there was a DJ! Whaaattt? Yars, an actual DJ. Shaaaaap! Seriously, the vibe was absolutely amazing. It gave me so much pleasure to see soooo many women, of all body shapes and sizes, simply dancing the night/day away. Everyone was so happy and within only seconds of being there, I caught their infectious vibe too. I couldn't help it. Not a worry or care in the world. Everyone simply came to dance and have a great time.

Selena could not have chosen a better selection of "presenters" who were really fitness instructors with all of their different styles including Afrobeats, old school hiphop, garage, bashment, dancehall, and house. I missed the beautiful Faye Edwards, unfortunately but had the opportunity to meet Kwaku Agyemang (who's getting very popular on IG - '@AzontoFitness') - you must definitely check him out. I've been meaning to attend one of his Afrobeats classes. Soooooon! 

Gotta love what Selena is doing with this and where she's going. So pleased to see a fellow Londoner put such a successful event together. I'm sure so many friendships were made on the day and many more will be at future event. Fitness Blastoff have an upcoming event in Oval (London) on the 27th of May - 2 hours of Afrobeats and Dancehall danceoff. You'll get to learn all the moves. Kwaku will also be there! It's only £10/head and you can purchase tickets here.

Keep up with Fitness Blastoff on their website, Facebook pageIG and Twitter.

Have you been to a Fitness Blastoff event before? What did you think of it? Were you there for the 1st of April event? Perhaps you can spot yourself in one of the pics above? Say hello in the comments section below.

Lots of love, 
J xo xo 

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