Monday, March 13, 2017


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

What better way to kick off the week than with knowing you could totally own one of these! I'm extremely delighted to share my newest find with you. As it is Monday, I'm hoping this gives you some motivation to start your week with a bit of activity and perhaps even end the same. 

If you watch my youtube channel or follow me on Instagram, then you probably already know that I'm totally like the review queen. I don't buy anything without an Amazon review or go anywhere for food or holidays without Trip Advisor assuring me I'm gonna have the experience of my life - sad right? LOL.  It's the same when it comes to everyday items of clothing or shoes. I genuinely think every bit of your dollar has to be very well spent and so I need to know that someone else more brave than me has taken the risk to try and test it out for me. 

I love reading reviews from my favourite bloggers and so, naturally, I get very excited to trial and review things to share with you. Two weeks ago, I had the privilege of being gifted these gorgeous Saucony UK Freedom ISO trainers and this is my honest review.

I've practically lived in these trainers for the past two weeks. I wear them to work and as you know already, I'm a Chartered Physiotherapist currently working with people in their own homes. This means having to walk a lot in between clients and so I total somewhere between 12 -18k steps a day. That's a whole lotta walking for my little body. I'm also trying to run 5k at least once a week so it definitely helps having pretty practical footwear that match my activity. 

The freedom ISO is the centre piece of Saucony's new SS17 'Life on the run' collection, more of which you can see here. It's their first shoe to offer a full length midsole of Everun continuous cushioning. This is believed to give you enhanced energy return and more responsiveness. 

For me, the very special thing about these lovely trainers is the magic in the stunning looking soles. They really are soles like I've never had before.  Other than the fact that they obviously look amazing, there's a certain spring to my walk or run that I don't quite get from any other pair of trainers. I feel a bit 'bouncy' - kinda like I have these things under my feel, springing me up with every lift and assuring me I can run an extra 1km. Not sure if my words quite do it justice to be honest but if you're a runner, you might just get it.

The top of the trainers is pretty stretchy for a dynamic fit system. I've realised that when I wear them for the first time in the morning, because the fit is so snug on me, it initially feels a little too close for comfort but in less than half an hour of moving around and for the rest of the day, the feeling completely changes. It gives me room where I need it but still feels very supportive.

I'm in love with the feel of the material on top, the overall look of them - very pleasing to the eye... trendy and so on point but without being in your face. The all round quality is fantastic and I've got some lovely compliments already. I also love that I have the black - sounds really silly but I've been wanting a pair of black trainers for sooooo long! I got the package first thing in the morning and you should have seen how quickly I sprung out of bed when I saw the colour! It was like Christmas came early! haha 

SPECS for you geeky runners :)

- Pronation: none
- Cushion: Plush 
- Construction type: Neutral
-Surface: Road Track
-Arch: High, Normal (mid)
-Water Resistant: No
-Water Proof: No
-Offset: 4mm
-Heel: 19mm/Forefoot: 15mm
-Weight: 8.1 oz i.e 230g

The weight is definitely a big thing for me as I'm now obsessed with casual wear and feeling comfortable. On days when I need to be dressed up for whatever reason, I need to know that if I'm off to the gym later or just need comfy shoes to come home in and have to carry my trainers around all day, they wouldn't weigh my bag down! They are SUPER light!

Another advantage that's such a massive plus for me is the arch support from the Freedom ISO. As a physio, I'm constantly on my patients' cases about footwear with arch support. I myself have suffered from plantar fasciitis and it's not pretty! In fact, it's horrible! A lot of people are getting into the idea of keeping fit which is amazing but they sometimes forget to take care of themselves where it really matters. 

My only slight (and this is a very slight) disappointment is that it isn't water resistant or proof. However, I generally don't run on a wet day as such and if I somehow happened to be caught out in the rain on a rainy day, a bit of water never hurt nobaaadyyy :) 

Overall, I can legit say these cuties have not disappointed in the slightest. I genuinely love training in them and so pleased to add them to my collection. A good pair of trainers should do everything. They should support you while you walk, run and weight train and this is definitely no exception. 

Special thanks to Rae at BrandNation for reaching out. I'm forever grateful xo xo 

A range of ISO colours are available for both men and women. Men have the black you see me wearing above or can choose from white gold, orange citron (love this) or blue, black citron. You can see all the men's collection here. Women are equally spoilt with options and could wear the black I have above or choose from berry pink and blue citron. You could also see the women's options here.

One final thought to bear in mind is that if you're anything like me and have weird feet - in my case, one very slightly bigger than the other. I'm usually a UK size 41 in shoes but realised that I'm a 42 in most trainers although in some brands, I'm a UK 39 (yes, honestly don't ask)! The size I'm wearing above is a 42 and as mentioned above, it fits mega snug with a thin pair of socks. So if you're someone who loves to train with thick socks because you love the extra-extra cushioning - then go bigger (although I promise you, they are very well cushioned already!). However, if you love snug and protective, stay in your natural size. 

The Freedom ISOs retail at £140 but are totes worth every single penny! Promise. You can follow Saucony on Instagram or Twitter and join in the fun by using #LifeOnTheRun. Do you own these trainers? What's the best thing about it for you? What do you feel could be improved? Let me know in the comments below

Lots of love,
xo xo