Monday, February 27, 2017


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

You may have seen my youtube video  Why does my body itch every time I walk?? | First World Problems? This was at the beginning of my mental walking challenge, feeling determined to conquer walking... back in August 2016. It was shortly after E & I got back from Canada. We spent 3 of the most amazing weeks of our lives there. Other than the people and food, I couldn't be more grateful to Canada for inspiring me to be more outdoorsy! The weather was sooo good, we simply had to! Bikes, walks, boat rides, the lot!

Regardless of how well I'm doing however, I somehow feel I could feel fitter and there is so much more to achieve. I've never been a big fan of the outdoors and it all started when I was a kid. I used to love playing outside in muddy water and one day, I got an infection which resulted in very itchy feet. I was taken to the hospital and the doctor advised my parents that I had to be out of school for 3days! That's where the craze started. I developed some form of OCD that involved not wanting to be anywhere near water - especially if it's mixed with dirt. Because of this, I missed out on some very important things like learning to swim - I hated seeing water and things like hair in shower lockers etc simply because they made me itch so bad. Yes, sure most of it was in my head! 

To make matters worse, I also hated exercising. Anything that involved an increase in circulation, breathing or blood pressure made me go nuts. I would itch so much that you could see red blotches on my skin and my pores would visibly get bigger, simply from uncontrolled scratching. I never ran for the bus or took the stairs. I used to simply drive everywhere... Funny all this, considering I'm now a Chartered Physiotherapist.

Without conquering all of these, you can probably see why I am in the constant mindset of feeling I could do better, especially when it comes to exercise. To some people, it might be nothing but to those who understand the feeling of being overwhelmed by something so little, yet so big, YOU GET IT!!!! The struggle is so real!


Fast forward to meeting E who loves to bike ride and keep fit, I sorta feel like I gotta keep up with him. He loves traveling and doing all the outdoorsy things I used to hate. Since returning from Canada, I realised things needed to change! I knew I did not want to dread another summer! I wanted to make the most of whatever warm weather we got in 2017! One way I've been slowly but surely conquering this issue is by learning to walk. Yes, yes, it sounds petty I know. However, for someone who loves driving everywhere, it's such a big achievement. 

I purposely took on a Physiotherapy job right in the heart of town - Kensington & Chelsea, where I walk all day every day. Well, really I walk to my patient's houses, get the tubes and buses etc and it feels amazing! I love that in my own teeny likkle head, I feel like I'm conquering my fears... one step at a time (I know, clever)! I have braved the cold and the rain on several occasions and I kinda secretly enjoy dumping myself into these situations and then thinking 'Sh*t, why?' but still managing to overcome them - quite frankly because I have no choice. I now walk 10-18,000 steps a day. I also cycle as much as I can too, instead of driving. So far, here's the result.

My progress has also given me lots of confidence about how I approach other things too! Excited to see where this leads me! Make sure you're following me on Instagram so you can keep up to date with all my fitness tings yarsss! I go to lots of classpass classes now so constantly posting away! Ps the next time you look at someone else's IG page and think how much of a fitness guru they are, think again! They're probably just in the process of conquering their fears. So can you!

What are you scared of? I dare you to share below. Are you working on conquering it or is it simply too overwhelming? Perhaps you've already overcome your fears? Do you have any tips for peeople like me who are still working on theirs? Leave me comments below.

Lots of love, 
xo xo 

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