Monday, February 06, 2017


Dear gorgeous person you! 

By now, you know how much I absolutely looooovvvve my comfort. I have made no secret of how much I would happily be a professional couch potato, snuggled up on the sofa wearing comfy socks, watching endless movies and eating ice cream if I din't have to worry about being responsible, gaining weight and paying bills! Nevertheless, I still manage to do this every time I get an opportunity and I tell ya, having a lovely pair of socks to slip on, that keeps you warm but does not over-heat you is the cherry on the cake.

Today's post is a little different to my usual. I wanted to share this cute little find with you. A few weeks ago, Gil, one of the founders of Chatty feet reached out to me to ask if I would like some socks sent in the post. I was pretty excited - not just because I could picture me on the sofa in my socks, eating ice cream but also because that feeling you get when someone somewhere thinks of you and decides to get in touch with a lovely email... I suppose it's an overwhelming feeling of gratitude - the novelty of which I doubt will ever wear off, so thanks Gil for putting a smile on my face that day.

All their lovely socks have characters, names and funny faces and so E and I wanted to have matching cute faces, hence we went for Danny and Sandy! One of my fav films of all time! #Classic #70sFilmsfor80sKids #JustSlottingThatInThere. Omg though - aren't they just super cute? This was us on Sunday evening sat in front of the telly - no ice cream though - my PT is not about that life! He has banned me from this as per all my IG gym posts :(

I got the medium (UK 5-8) as I'm a 7 and E went for the large (9-12)! Both fit absolutely perfectly. I have also worn this to work as I walk around a lot for work (the joys of being a community physiotherapist in the heart of London). I love the fact that it's so light weight but still keeps my shins warm. The one thing you want when you're walking around in the cold is to keep warm but the last thing you want is to have very heavy, thick socks that weigh you down and make your shoes super tight! 

Have you seen the range on Chatty Feet's website? You can get so many different ones. Check them out here. They have all sorts and they are super cute! They even have some for kids too so if you're wanting to twin with your kids, partners or siblings - go on, spoil yourself! You could even get these as a Valentine's present to someone special. Let me know if you do and what you think! If I were you, I'll check their IG too. You can really see realistic pics of various people wearing the different characters. Plus the pics are simply hilarious!!!

Lots of love, 
J xo xo 

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