Sunday, January 15, 2017


Dear gorgeous person, you! 


Although it's not something I talk about a lot on my youtube channel, some of you are starting to catch on to how geeky I am when it comes to cameras, videography and photography. The latest has actually become a really fun hobby of mine and so I secretly started a photography page on IG.

In light of the above, I have been getting a lot of questions lately from people who want to start making youtube videos but don't know the first thing about cameras, videos, filming etc. I always welcome these sort of questions and I do take my time to answer every one of them. However, as I have been getting a lot of them lately, I thought it would be easier to start a series on my youtube channel where I can pass my knowledge on. This video below is the first of them.

In addition to the 5 most important things listed in my video, here are a few extras I wanted to share with you. 

These extras aren't essential but they'll definitely make filming life a lot easier! So as to keep things simple and avoid bombarding you with unnecessary information, I am simply going to list them in bullet points. Feel free to explore these further online but of course do leave me a comment below if you would like more information or perhaps you would like me to make a more detailed video/review on one of these.

Remote control. I use RC - 06 for Canon 70D 
Lens pen 
Flash (for photography and getting your thumbnail on point)
Ring light
External voice recorder
Extra batteries 
Extra storage - Dropbox, external hard drive etc
Mini Tripod stands 


Canon 10-22 Lens - currently £400 on Amazon

Sigma 30mm f1.4 lens - currently £299 in Jessops (£60 off)

Canon 50mm f1.8 lens - currently £102 on Amazon


Rode mic pro - currently £127 on Amazon

JOBY GORILLA POD FOCUS + FLEXI HEAD (Currently £350 on Amazon although I think I got it cheaper)

Remember the video points out 5 basic things you need. You really don't need to spend all this extra money. I use a lot more equipment but honestly, there is no need to confuse you and go through it all. I genuinely think if you're just starting you, all you need to do is stick to the basics and as time goes on, you will grow! 

Please let me know below if this has been helpful at all. Don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel as I will be making a lot more videos like this.

Lots of love, 
J xo xo 

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