Wednesday, December 20, 2017


Dear gorgeous person, you! 


OMG I can't believe how long it's been since my Facebook fitfam was born - our first live workout was on the 3rd of June and I have been very committed to working out live with you every Saturday morning at 9am UK time. 

The beauty of live workouts is that you can workout from anywhere in the world so with a bit of forward planning, I have always been able to do it whilst on holiday, weekends away etc. 

I get such a buzz from you guys tuning in, sweating & twerking with me, live, from all over the world. So y'all can only imagine how difficult it is to get me anywhere on a Saturday morning where I literally can't workout with you!

Two weekends ago, I was invited to a 2-day Rocktape UK course (FMT 1 & 2) and I couldn't possibly pass on such a fantastic opportunity, despite it meaning I officially had to be absent from our live workout. I get so excited learning and growing as a Physio, which in turn helps me make educational videos for you! So, we're winning either way :) 

Join my live HIIT to Afrobeats workout madness here. It's free and soooo much fun! :) 

For starters, they are more than just tape! Ha, I love that! Rocktape is a type of kinesio tape which means it allows you to move, unlike old-fashioned rigid tapes which actually restricts movement! 
With kinesio tape, you really are getting the best of both worlds in that the targeted structures feel supported (and more enabled) plus you get an opportunity to keep moving. It's waterproof too so you can swim, shower etc and there wouldn't be a problem.

Rocktape is a premium brand and has managed to establish itself as the water-resistant tape that sticks!!! I mean, that's obviously what you want from any tape, at the very least, right? The longer it's able to stay on you, the more benefit you get from having the tape, simples. Rocktape stretches to 180% of it's original length but can magically 'snap back' or 'recover' and this is what sets them apart from others. On one of my patients, it's stayed on for as long as 7days. See some of my patients with Rocktape on here

In the video below, Daniel Lawrence - an absolutely amazing Chartered Physiotherapist who doubles up as the Educational Director for Rocktape explains in detail how it works and why you might want to use kinesio tape as a professional or an individual. See more info here about the neurological and mechanical effects of taping.

The FMT1 & 2 course was way more insightful than I anticipated. There was a lot of depth and clinical reasoning, exploring available research and the lack of it too. I love how open-minded the Rocktape tutors were during the discussions about how and if taping really works. They answered as many of our questions as possible but also empowered us to explore for ourselves in clinic. 

They emphasised, as any good clinician would, that Evidence-based practise is great but isn't everything and I personally appreciate this. Some things work simply because they do and as a clinician/athlete/patient/human being, you know this because it works over and over. 

 I have felt a lot more confident applying tape (or not at all) since the training course and to be honest, it's been a lot of fun to practise on my patients, especially as a lot of them are athletes.  Here are some of the pics from the weekend.

My Isabeau. I love her x

Many thanks to all the tutors on the day - Mike, Wendy, Nick and Dan. My course mates were truly fantastic too. Huge thanks to the gorgeous Isabeau for being my partner in crime and making 2 days of learning feel like a breeze! You all are an absolutely amazing bunch of people and I feel lucky to have met and clinically reasoned with you.  Thank you for helping me end 2017 on a very positive note professionally. I'm officially a Rockdoc and I couldn't be happier.

Remember as Dan highlighted in the video, using tape isn't the only thing you should do. It works best in conjunction with other forms of treatment. Although anyone can technically apply tape on themselves or to other people, it's important to remember that seeking the professional opinion of a Physiotherapist to diagnose and treat the primary problem is vital. 

As we further discussed at the end of the video, calf pain could quite easily be a DVT (potentially deadly) or a muscle sprain (not so deadly). Unless you're qualified and able to clinically differentiate and differentially diagnose conditions, it's obviously best to seek the opinion of someone who can.
If you'd like some physio advice or want to book to see me in clinic, send me an email
Both of my private clinics are based in South East London - Beckenham and Forest Hill. I am also mobile in surrounding areas and can do home visits too.

Now, go shamelessly follow RockTape online 

Wishing you the bestest Christmas and New Year ever! 
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Thursday, August 24, 2017


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

Just over two months ago, I decided to start doing Facebook live workouts every Saturday at 9am (UK time). Much to my delight, our fitness family is slowly expanding with people from all walks of life -  mums doing my workouts with their kids, men and women of all ages and fitness levels - it's brilliant. I feel very grateful and get so excited every Saturday morning.

The workouts are so much fun. We're very body positive and it really has become our little hub of all things fitness. I started the hashtag #SweatWithJoy because you're not only sweating with me, you're sweating because you're happy, you're joyful, you're working out for fun, not abs!! Watch the video below to get a litle glimpse.

We do HIIT -High-Intensity Interval Training... wait for it... to Afrobeats... yes, Afrobeats!!! We have 30seconds to workout as intensely as we can and 30seconds to rest. The rest period is also an opportunity to dance, twerk and be silly, simply because we can. The workouts usually last about 30 - 40minutes. It really is a fun experience and every Saturday, we get new people joining in so why not come join us? It's completely free.

To join, all you need to do is like my facebook fitness page here and when I'm live on Saturdays at 9am (UK time), you can simply stream live and workout with me. It's that simple.

But seriously though, check out my absolute star of a pup. She's not actually mine unfortunately - I wish she was. How cute is she though? Her name is Ruby and she kinda sorta helped me make this video below.  

In this video below, I explain why I HIIT - the main things you need to know. Enjoy.

See you on Facebook this Saturday my loves.

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Tuesday, August 22, 2017


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

My last post was a brunch vs breakfast match where I declared brunch the ultimate winner. I have no regrets either but in order to balance things out, I thought I should be fair to breakfasts by sharing a breakfast recipe. I'm very proud to say it's my own recipe and so I hope you like. Enter my ultimate breakfast pancake - it's not for the faint hearted in that it's very hearty and although it looks extra, it's actually reasonably healthy.

1 egg.
1 cup Almond or cow's milk.
5 heaped tablespoons (& I mean heaps) of almond or plain flour.

Get yourself a nutribullet (or blender) - it saves you time.
Put in your flour.
Add milk.
Add egg.
Blend for 1 minute. 
Fry on medium heat as thin or thick as you wish, using coconut oil. 
Serve and layer with Almond yoghurt, strawberries and blueberries.
Top with Sweet Freedom choc shot, liquid chocolate (only 13 kcal/tsp).


When blending, I usually stop the nutribulet half way through to manually shake the mixture so as to ensure all the flour is mixed in properly.
When frying, use a generous amount of oil but don't go crazy. Make sure the heat is not too high initially so your pancake can cook through. However once you're happy it's cooked, crank up the heat for that crispy taste we all love!  

This entire process from prep to chowing down only took 8 minutes and that's because I wanted small pancakes. My batter made me 5 thick ones of these! you could get 3 very big and thin pancakes which will take a lot less time to prepare.

If you do use this recipe, please let me know how you get on in the comments below. In the meantime, I am currently working on a video recipe for you on my youtube channel.

Lots of love
Joy xo xo 

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

Breakfast as they say is the most important meal of the day! However, I have to secretly confess that nowadays I'm loving having brunch more than I am breakfasts. Oh no she didn't!!! Oh yes, she did!!! 

Sorry guys :)

People who are into brunch know that there's a very specific time frame for it. You have to start eating after 11am and be finished by 1pm. Simples. Anything before that is breakfast and right after is lunch. 

I have always been into having brunch especially as it seems to be a London thing. It's the best time for meetings and hangouts with friends. However on most days, breakfast seems like the reasonable option when you have morning or lunch time workouts and a working schedule.

Since my holiday though, I've got into this routine of starting work very early and then nipping into the gym for a late-ish morning fasted workout which then inevitably throws me into brunch time for my first meal and honestly, I can't explain to you how much I'm loving it. It's pretty amazing for a few reasons: 

1. By the time I'm eating my first meal, I've already burnt a few calories.

2. I feel more in control of my body i.e consuming energy when I need it rather than simply because I'm awake (which is kinda what breakfast is).

3. My body knows just how much food I need which means I actually eat more at the time. It's a perfect way to fuel your body with the right amount you need - great for weight loss.

4. It means having a late lunch rather than an early one and helps me escape the afternoon lull which causes you to be completely sleepy after a lunch meal. Anyone else?

I really could go on.

Most days, I make brunch myself as I love cooking but sometimes I treat myself too. A few weeks ago, I was in Forest Hill for a lovely brunch with E and we popped into St David Coffee House for this scrumptious meal. 

St David is right opposite Forest Hill rail station and is slightly hidden. It's a really good find. Quite small but it makes it seem somewhat exclusive. It was slightly pricey for what you got but the food was really good. I always treat myself to a naughty cake like dessert when I'm out for brunch and this was no different. 

When you're next in SE London, you should totally give St David a try. In the meantime, catch them on Instagram

What do you think about the breakfast and lunch versus brunch debate? What do you most have? If you're more of a bruncher - what's your favourite thing to have? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of love,
J xo xo 

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

This summer has been the most amazing yet. Perhaps because I decided to approach the year with a positive boss attitude, despite all my setbacks. Perhaps it's because the weather has been absolutely amazing or maybe because I'm surrounded my amazingly positive people. Perhaps it's a combination of everything. The end result is that not only am I extremely happy and starting to feel like me again, I am also able to fearlessly throw myself into projects, events and simply just being available for my friends and family. Yay!

You might know that I'm also a photographer and of course when my gorgeous friend Lerato decided to cook her supper club guests an African roast, I was determined to go all out with the pictures. Lerato is an international chef and food writer whose food is inspired by rich African traditions but with a modern, contemporary twist. Naturally, her food is colourful, teasingly spicy and very tasty. So of course I felt the vibrance of the pictures had to match Lerato's bright looking summer menu. You can learn more about Lerato here 

Lerato organises regular supper clubs and her food is obviously very popular. Who doesn't like good food hey? This supper club was held at the top of a really lovely pub in Angel called The Joker. It was a very bright and airy private space large enough for all the guests to sit at the table or socialise around the room without feeling either claustrophobic or consumed. As it was such a beautiful day, it was also perfect for natural light pictures which made me very happy. I have only shared a few photos here but please visit my photography website to see the rest of these beautiful pictures in all their glory.

Lerato's menu on the day featured various things that made my tummy extremely happy such as jollof quinoa, an amazing mango and scotch bonnet puree which casted soooo good I had to take some home (so Nigerian lol), lamb, chicken, aubergines, plantains and suya! OMG yes - suya!!! I particularly loved how she managed to find a happy medium between teasing heat and beyond spicy. There were people who had never had African food before and would of course not want to go from eating no spice to heat that's guaranteed to blow your head off. However, people like myself who are used to the heat were still able to enjoy Lerato's food. To be honest, heat that's overwhelming can put you off anyway. As a result, she made sure there was something for everyone.

You definitely have to attend one of Lerato's supper clubs. She currently does them in London and Brighton/Sussex. Her supper club was also featured in Timeout as the number one thing to do last weekend.. See here for Leratos upcoming events. If you do go, be sure to tell her Joy sent you, you might even get mates rates haha. In the meantime, you can find Lerato on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Love you babies! 
Joy xo xo 

Monday, May 29, 2017


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

Happy bank holiday Monday lovelies. Looks like I'm making a habit of releasing blogs and videos on Mondays. You know, I quite like it. In my own teeny little way, it feels like I'm somehow contributing to the start of your week. In today's post, I'm teaming up with one of my most favourite people ever. Her energy is beyond electric and she just makes me smile so much. She inspires me beyond words and whilst some of you might remember Hilary Rowland (Co-founder and creative director of Boom Cycle) from our very first video together, I thought I should share 5 things you definitely need to know about Hilary.

■Hilary co-owns Boom Cycle with her husband Rob Rowland (formerly known as Hilary Gilbert, Hilary got married to Robert last year).
■This fitness queen was born in Kentucky but has lived in NYC, LA, Paris and now, London - of course!
■Hilary used to be a model (not hard to see why!) - she is super FIT!!!
■ Hilary still teaches classes at Boom. Book a ride with Hilary here.
■ Hilary does not take herself too seriously, she laughs a lot and is so much fun to be around! Filming this video below was sooooo much fun!


Boom Cycle currently has 2 fully functional studios. One in Holborn and another in Shoreditch. The latter was the original studio, started back in 2011 and it's not difficult to see why they've been so successful. So much so, they're opening 2 brand new studios in a few months time (Hammersmith and Battersea). As if this isn't enough, they're also starting up a clothing line, which Hilary casually drops on me mid-convo!  This is such exciting news and I don't know anyone who is more deserving. It's absolutely amazing how a couple so young have managed to change the face of cycling in London and they continue to grow from strength to strength.

Boom Cycle run classes throughout the day in both studios.  They even do 30minute lunch time sessions for a blast of intense-calorie burning happiness on your lunch break and offer some very tasty post-workout shakes too. You pay per ride. There's a current intro offer which is 3 rides for £29! Whaaaa!!! A single, standard ride is usually £18, 3 rides for £52 or 5 rides for £85. You can see prices more here.

During classes, the light is dimmed so as to allow people to get in the zone. It really is about you and your bike. Boom Cycle recognise that it's not just about fitness, rather, in addition - there is quite a lot to be said for the effects that exercise has on your mind. As a result, they have gone all out to create an environment that stimulates your mind, makes you feel the best you can be and at the same time, gets you as fit as you possibly can - all whilst partying on a bike. The beats are simply like you've never heard before. Night club quality sound system, it's unreal! Really feels like you have a real DJ in the room! BOOM!

There's just something about a Boom Cycle ride that only people who have been can really understand. If you're tired of working out in plain, cold, boring, poor quality, standard gym spaces then this is definitely for you! Good news is you're in LUCK! We're giving away 2 passes for FREE !!

To celebrate the release of this video with Hilary as well as me reaching 5k Instagram followers, Boom Cycle and I are joining forces to give away one lucky winner 2 FREE Boom Cycle rides for them and a friend. All you need to do is have a look on my Instagram post with the teaser video to the video Hilary and I filmed.


1. Simply like the post
2. Tag your favourite workout buddy
3. Make sure you follow me (@joyogude), @hdawgboom & @boomcycle

It's soooo easy!!! Good luck! xo

Monday, May 22, 2017


Dear gorgeous person, you!

**scroll down for video**

As it is Monday, I wanted to help kick-start your week with a little bit of motivation. Often times, the one reason people give about not being able to keep fit is the lack of time. Whilst some might say that's just an "excuse", I can actually see why lack of time could be an issue. Yes, we all have the same amount of time in the day, yes we're all busy and have a life outside of work but for some people, getting to that very popular yoga class at 5.30pm every Tuesday just isn't an option when you have to do the school run or if you simply can't leave work on time.

Also, not everyone likes the idea of going to a class. Sometimes classes can be unintentionally intimidating. I actually love classes because I'm not great at motivating myself on my own - I have made it no secret that despite being a physiotherapist, exercise does not come natural to me. I'm more in love with the post-exercise feeling than exercise itself, hence I get a lot of energy from other people when I train. However, nothing could ever beat one-to-one training. I simply love knowing I have someone to over-see me, help me work at my own pace and encourage me just enough.

Enter yoga....

I've always ignorantly thought it was too slow paced for me and it simply does not feel like exercise. From a young age, I've always kind of seen exercise as that thing you do to put yourself through your paces to get your heart rate up, blood circulating and sweat dripping. Hence if I'm not out of breath, I'm clearly not working hard enough.


When I heard Charlie was coming round to my house, I couldn't have been any more excited if I tried. I was a little nervous but really, I couldn't contain my joy. I'd never had a personal session at home before, let alone yoga. I felt kinda special - shhhh! :) In terms of what we did in the session, I'll let the video speak for itself and as promised in the video, I wanted to leave you some details of where you can find Charlie and her yogis.

I'm not quite sure if it's because you're in the comfort of your own environment which means you not only feel safe but you also feel like no one is judging/watching. Perhaps the thought of this alone is enough to boost your confidence and help with improving your efforts, which in my case led to actually enjoying the whole experience much more than I would in a class. Or maybe it was because all of Charlie's attention was focused on helping me improve my yoga skills. It might also have been because I booked the session at a time that 100% suited me and I didn't have to experience that unsettling feeling of having of rushing into a class a few minutes late because I couldn't find parking or my bus was late. Maybe it was a bit of everything.

It's clear to see from the video how much fun we had but what you may not be able to tell is how emotional I got. Words (or a video) can't fully explain how much of a personal experience this was, especially for someone like me who finds it very difficult to relax, settle and focus. It's amazing how in tune with yourself you suddenly become when you are in your own environment and are being guided by someone else who's just as much in tune with you. 

Have you ever had a private yoga session at home or work? Or any other private session for that matter? Did you feel it was beneficial? If you haven't yet, how likely are you to try one out in the future? I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Lots of love, 

Friday, May 12, 2017


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

I was privileged enough to attend the launch of the new PhD smart bar range and let me tell ya.... YUM!!!! Before I tell you about all the goodies, here are a few pics from the event. The pic immediately below is post a very intensive half hour workout so please no need to judge lol.

If you're like me and you train almost daily but you have a weakness in your knees for anything chocolate, then this is definitely for you. I'm a bit bored of a lot of protein bars on the market. Sometimes, I'd much rather simply eat a chocolate bar. Reason being, you're sold into this dream that you're eating a really good amount of protein but actually when you look at the nutritional value, it's riddled with sugar and carbs. 

Obviously you can't avoid sugar and carbs altogether but you can certainly eat wisely and limit them. A good example is the PhD Dark chocolate Raspberry bar. It's 64g but per 100g, it contains 34% carb, 17% fat, 0.6% sugar and 31% protein. This means per bar - it has 22g of carbs, 0.4g sugar, 20g protein and 11g fat. It's also 237calories in a bar.  These values are also very identical to the values of the PhD chocolate brownie flavour too. You could obviously eat half, instead of the entire bar.

These are great pre-workout or post-workout snacks. They're filling and you really don't feel like you're compromising on taste, texture or quality. They also don't feel like just a chocolate bar. Chocolate lovers know that kinda straight up high you get when chocolate hits your taste buds but rather unfortunately, you crash straight back down too. This felt more like a slow build up of both chocolatey pleasure and energy. I didn't feel a crash (or any guilt for that matter) afterwards. 

You can get these amazing bars here. 12 a pack at £29.88 - that's £2.49/bar - pretty awesome right?!!! However, if you buy today you get 10% off as well as 116reward points to use off your next purchase. Boom! Be sure to share your photo online using the hashtag #TheSmartChoice.

Available flavours: Caramel crunch | Cookies & cream | chocolate & Peanut butter | Dark Chocolate Raspberry | Chocolate Brownie 

Feel free to browse a lot more of PhD's supplements here. Have you tried any of these already? Or perhaps a different PhD product? What did you think of them?

Lots of love, 
xo xo