Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

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Hope you're gearing right up for xmas. I know I am, although in a totally low key kind of way. So recently, I started working in Kensington & Chelsea, right in the heart of London for a few reasons including wanting to increase the number of steps I take a day simply from being forced to get the tube rather than drive to visit my physio patients at home, as with a lot of my other jobs.

One of the main reasons however why I accepted this job is so that I could attend events like this based in the centre of town, quite easily before or after work.  This was the launch of Danielle Peazer's 12 week body plan in collaboration with We Heart Living. As soon as I got an invite, I was so excited to attend and trust me, it was worth it. It was such a pleasure to meet this beauty, what a genuinely fantastic soul indeed. 

I arrived at Third Space (Soho) just before 8am as I was filming for my youtube channel on the day (video below). I was genuinely surprised to see Danielle was already sat at reception, quite literally the first one waiting. I warmed to her immediately because the first thing I thought was "Good for you! For being so humble, turning up an entire hour before everyone else". I immediately recognised her and said hello, introduced myself and we sat chatting excitedly like we'd been friends for a while, whilst waiting for everyone else to arrive.

What struck me the most about Danielle was how enthusiastic and humble she was about her 12 week body plan, which was exactly why the event had been put together. Danielle went on to tell me why she was so excited about releasing it just before Christmas. She wanted everyone to have a relaxed, guilt free Christmas knowing that they then already have a plan in the bag for the new year! I've actually been lucky enough to see the 12 week plan (shhhhh!) and let me tell you now, I definitely will be trying out those recipes in the new year. So I'm sure you're dying to hear all about the actual plan so below I've put together a few things you might be interested to know below but first, here are a few pics from Monday morning when Danielle put us through our paces. All pics by Lucy Photography.

So Reebok very generously kitted us all out from head to toe. I loovveeee my gear! Thanks Reebok.

See Reebok Women's sports bra range here
Reebok Women's top range
Reebok Women;s leggings range:
Reebok women's shoe range:
My exact shoes

Just to make you aware, they come in pretty big sizes so make sure you go small - especially in shoes!


Danielle designed her 12 week plan in conjunction with We Heart Living and a team of fitness and nutrition experts. This beauty has been a dancer for 10+ years for artists such as Katy Perry & JT. Safe to say not only does she definitely know more than the average person when it comes to eating right and training, she also has the body to prove it. Ps have you seen that?? #ActualBodyGoals.

For a period of 12 weeks, you get weekly workout plans, weekly yummy recipes and weekly motivational videos from Danielle herself. There are 75 exercises in total.

The plan contains 40 yummy recipes that you can mix and match to allow for flexible eating.

At normally less than £2.99/week (£35.99 for 12 weeks), you would think this 12 week plan couldn't come any cheaper but you'd be wrong! Right now, you can pre- order it for only £25.99!!!!! Madness! Haha! This is for a limited period only so I'd grab one now if I were you! Right here

So here's the video I made on the day. Pardon the bags under my eyes - I'm absolutely feeling run down at the moment - seeing quite a lot of physio patients, prepping for Christmas and of course making vlogs/blogs for you guys whilst also trying to keep fit at the gym. The latter is suffering. I have a few days off over xmas so don't worry, I'll recharge then. 

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A huge thanks to the beautiful Rae Young for the invite and the girls at We Heart Living. You all couldn't have been any more gracious. Thank you for having me x

Lots of love,