Monday, November 21, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you!

I imagine some of you might be visiting my blog for the first time as it's National HIV testing week. A huge welcome to you if you're a new visitor. I'm Joy - a Chartered Physiotherapist, lifestyle blogger and photographer. I blog a lot about health, food and fitness so if that's your thing, you're definitely in the right place. 

You may have seen the video I made on my youtube channel (see below) about National HIV testing week. This blog post is to support that, with all the information I couldn't quite share with you in the video. Before you get cosy, don't forget to subscribe to my blog and youtube channel so you can join me on this journey to fitness and happiness. I'm currently going through a body transformation whilst training at a body building gym so if you'd like to keep track of what I'm eating, what I weigh, what I'm lifting, then click that subscribe button on youtube - it's free! x


As highlighted in the video, 20% of the 100k+ people living in the UK with HIV remain undiagnosed so please get tested this week. We're all doing it.

Order your free home delivery test kit - I just ordered mine.

If you prefer not to do it at home, search for the nearest place to test using your postcode


Find out some more information about HIV -

Improving your sexual health

Telling people you're HIV positive

Online services - advice, counselling and support

Prince Harry, Olly Alexander and Dr Christian highlight the importance of HIV testing

I really cannot stress enough how important this is, so please do not delay it, go get tested, you just never know. It's better to be safe than sorry. Don't forget to #Imtesting.

Lots of love,
J xo xo 

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