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Check out these beauties! No, this is not a sponsored post. Today, I was invited to an amazing event - a breakfast launch event for the sports gear brand On. Their fantastic PR company Aspire PR & Marketing were helping them launch a new type of running footwear that they've recently added to their collection, called Cloudflow. The idea is that this running shoe has been designed to be very lightweight and adds to your runners high hence the hashtag #onarunnershigh (IG & twitter). You can see the 'clouds' at the bottom of the shoe and it's meant to give you a very smooth lift off when you run. The shoes retail at £120 or €139.99 - you can check them out here but before you do, I'd like to give you my two penny's worth seeing as we got to test them out this morning at what couldn't have been a better launch. 


On is a Swiss running footwear brand founded 6 years ago and based in Zurich, Switzerland & Portland, Oregon. Albeit relatively young, it now has two million runners worldwide and is number two in the Swiss running shoe market. It also happens to be amongst the Top 5 in Germany, hence they are rapidly becoming a world renowned and established running shoe brand.

These gorgeous Cloudflow shoes you see us wearing were designed by this amazing man - Olivier Bernhard (in pic above with me). He is the founder of On who happens to be a former world class triathlete, triple world champion and six time iron man winner... So believe me when I say he definitely knows a thing or two about sports shoes. 

He's not in it alone though, he leads a team of sports scientists and running enthusiasts and their goal is simple - to help you achieve that running high by making running as fun and as comfortable as possible. Safe to say they're achieving this as they're already getting noticed. They have already won the prestigious ISPO brand new award for innovation in sport as well as the gold award for best performance shoe 2015/16. Pretty sure this is only the beginning for them.
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It was an early start at 8am this morning but the weather was absolutely amazing. It had rained so was a bit slippy however, it was actually warm out. Autumn leaves scattered all over the ground and Kings Cross (London) simply couldn't have looked and felt any more stunning. We met at Spiritland in Granary Square and everyone came dressed in their warm clothes and gorgeous attires. We were greeted by the amazing Aspire PR team and Olivier himself. We all got handed our shoes and I was so happy because I got the exact colour I wanted - these beauties you see in the pic above! 

Shortly afterwards, we headed out for an amazing run and it was everything! On my current fitness plan, I've got to do 60 minutes of cardio daily and I couldn't have been happier to run along my favourite canal in London with other like minded people. Everyone was in great spirits and we came back to a fantastically healthy breakfast which I couldn't eat - so painful! #KetoDietProblems


So let's get on with what you're really dying to know - my review! It's simple - buy them! You definitely need one of these. I LOVE these shoes so much even though I have only run in them once. Erm no, it's not just because they look amazing - yes the colour is fantastic but I'll tell you the other reasons I love them.

They're super light and fit you like a very comfortable glove! I had very thick socks on this morning and had to take them off because they made my shoes too tight (I requested for a size 7 and in some brands, I fit an 8). As soon as I took my socks off, it was pure bliss. My feet actually felt like they were home! Sounds a bit silly but I would actually recommend running in very thin socks or none at all, if you haven't tried it before. I felt like I was in complete control of my shoes and somehow my feet and shoes were in sync with my brain and muscles. At no point did I have any issues with pain, rubbing or discomfort and to be honest, I totally forgot I had no socks on. After the run, I noticed my feet were as dry as! No sweating at all - the shoe was well ventilated. The other thing to bear in mind is the firmness you get on landing and take off, especially considering the slight 'slippyness' of the ground - I felt in perfect control.

Now, I'm no cloud expert but whatever technology is in the clouds, they definitely work because my lift off was like wow! I normally feel quite heavy on my feet and although I have been training a lot (as some of you might know from my Instagram), which may have contributed to me feeling much lighter on my feet, I genuinely feel having such appropriate running shoes helped 1million%

If none of the above convince you, bear this in mind - that you're buying from a very honest company and they have put their heart and soul into the making of this brand. Olivier gave a talk about  his experience as a triathlete and how that contributed to the company being founded. What a fantastically humble man. Before the picture of him and I above was taken, we had a chat and I can genuinely say it was a real honour to meet him. He was there in his running shorts, gear and shoes - blending in with the crowd like he was one of us. It really was a pleasure to be there today and I genuinely couldn't recommend these shoes enough. Follow ON on Twitter & IG or check out their website.

What a brilliant opportunity it was to be able to test these out before everyone else.  I feel so spesh! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Aspire PR & Marketing team for the invite! Love you guys xmwahx

I am going to wear my cloudflows in some more and then make a video review on them in a few weeks so please do subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven't yet already.

Have you tried any gear from On? What did you think? Do you swear by any other shoe brand for running? Why don't you share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.

Lots of love,
J xo xo 

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