Monday, September 26, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

I've decided to tweak a few things on my blog to ensure that it absolutely reflects who I truly am. As much as I don't consider myself someone who goes with the flow or tries to fit into what I am told I "should be doing", a small but significant part of me is still very conscious of what other people are up to, especially in my field of work/interests - blogging/vlogging, health, fitness, food and physiotherapy. 

"Inspire Me" is the space on my blog that I've chosen to express what I'm truly feeling in that moment. This is not to say that the rest of my blog does not reflect that, rather what I mean is I will aim to use this space for more spontaneous, I haven't taken lots of time to put it together kind of blogs. 

A big part of me has always been the girl who sticks out like a sore thumb screaming out loud "I'm okay being me!" Similar to the plus size model  (who is actually a healthy, average size) surrounded by could do with eating a burger size minus two models or the transgender child who gets reminded how "different" (s)he is. I feel there's room for all races, ages, disabilities, cultures, genders, sexualities and whatever other labels that have been placed on us to box us in and make us doubt ourselves.

This morning, I posted this photo below on my Instagram page and I really didn't want to. I ended up writing a very detailed description of it and I thought I should share that with you. Welcome to "Inspire Me", I really hope my posts here inspire you! <3


"I wasn't gonna post this photo for all the reasons my brain tells me I'm not good enough. Although I genuinely felt a million dollars in this outfit that I wore to a friend's birthday party on Saturday, I don't actually like this picture. To me, it shows my biggest insecurity - my legs! Sometimes I feel my legs have a mind of their own. It's like a part of my body that isn't really a part of my body lol. They just like to do their own thing. I think I look extremely awkward in this photo and I know it, not only because if how rushed I felt whilst taking it (because we were running late to the party) but also because this isn't a pose I feel comfortable with. I never put one leg in front of the other with my knee completely straight, it flattens my legs, spreads the fat on it and makes it look even bigger than it is! The bigger effect is that it makes me look like I've got carrots for legs (wider on top & thinner at the bottom) lol

Now that I'm done self criticising, let me tell you all the things I love about myself in this pic. My arms always look toned, my smile is infectious and always stands proudly on my face, exposing my "perfect" teeth (people forever compliment me on this), eyebrows are on fleek in this pic and I love how slim lined my waist is. One of the best things about being curvy is a small waist and God do I rinse it. I absolutely love to show it off. I think my nose is as cute as a button which is why I never contour it and my normally flat chest is just the perfect size for my body. Outside of the natural things, I love the colour combo of this outfit (a new top rapidly becoming one of my favs with a very old fav skirt I've had for over 10yrs). I love how great I felt, how in love I am with the person who took it, hair&makeup, I literally love everything else about this pic

It's mindblowing how we have been conditioned through the media to look at ourselves and pick out the one 1% we don't like, totally disregarding the 99% we absolutely #love

Gosh, it feels so free-ing to post that! Have a fantastic Monday wherever you are xx

Lots of love,
J xo xo 

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