Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

We recently spent a long weekend in Cannes for my girl Divya's hen do! She's the stunning one with yellow shorts in the picture below. Divya and I met at uni whilst she was studying Medicine and I, Physiotherapy. It's amazing to think I started uni 10years ago - sigh!!! I don't even feel that old!!! The beauty of time however is that you can look back and appreciate how far you've come, especially when something as significant as a friend's wedding is taking place.

The brain child behind going to Cannes was this gorgeous girl in the red top above, standing next to Divya - Almas. I introduced you to Almas in my "Moving to England" blog post where I talk about some of the people that mean so much to me. This woman is definitely the one you want by your side when you're getting married. She totally organised Divya's surprise hen do and gosh was it worth it! She really couldn't have picked a better place to spend four days in the sun. It was beyond amazing.

We stayed in a lovely accommodation called Florella Apartments right opposite Cannes station. Absolutely beautiful, modern apartments which you will get to see more of in my Cannes vlog (soon to be released on my youtube channel). Being so central meant practically everything was on our door step. We were spoilt with stores like Sephora, Mac, Food markets etc - practically everything we needed.

The weather was so beautiful too. I always worry about going away to places in Europe after July/August as I just think everywhere will have pretty terrible weather - the kind we get in London but actually I was so wrong. The weather was scorching hot - easily reaching 32 degrees and hotter on most days. Our lovely Almas had planned a few things including this almost private 3hr boat ride in the pictures above.

On the Sunday, we made our way down to St Tropez. Gosh, definitely has to be one of the most beautiful places ever. I feel like I have to go back with E and stay a bit longer. The beach was beyond stunning. We really couldn't have asked for more. Have you ever been to St Tropez? I remember laying on the beach thinking I only see pics of St Tropez on post cards haha! 

The evening before the St Tropez stole our hearts, we headed to Baoli, apparently Leonardo Dicaprio's favourite restaurant and wowzers could I see why. It was truly spectacular. On first look, it seemed very up-market, a 'speak properly' and 'eat like a lady' type restaurant with the beautiful evening lights and huge water feature just as you walk in. However when you sit down, you get a fantastic idea of just how much fun it is. The music plays at normal volume whilst the guests dine but then half way through, it gets really loud and the waiters encourage you to get up and dance or wave your serviettes from your seat. The DJ was amazing and whilst we were waiting for our meals, Almas, Divya and I took to the dance floor. It felt weird dancing before your food but it also felt sooo right! We were the only ones there initially but we made loads of friends and of course it didn't take long before they were up on their feet too. It truly was a fantastic evening of fun celebrating both Divya's hen and our friend Sana's birthday too! Baoli definitely did not disappoint in food and atmosphere. Think of it as a restaurant, bar and club all in one! 

I love making new friends when I go away. The pics above were only some of the people we met on the dance floor. Amazing. Have you ever been to Cannes? Would you go again? Are you planning on going soon? What places do you have in mind to visit? Let me know in the comments section below.

Lots of love,
J xo xo 

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