Monday, August 08, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you!

No one really like Mondays but it certainly helps if you've had a great weekend, which I'm hoping is the case for you and today starts your week off in the most fantastic way possible. 

As important as it is to highlight all of the issues with racial discrimination and God knows I haven't held back as you may have seen my Black Lives Matter and #UnapologeticallyPowerfulInMySkin: To the white racist women... videos, I believe it is equally important to highlight all the good we're doing to rectify it. People from all races are coming together all over the world to unite as we should, to stand up and say no to racism and this weekend, London was no different. 

I was lucky enough to attend an anti-racism party on Well Street (East London) on Saturday. Invited by a lovely lady called Emily Griffin who owns Mahala - a homeware and accessories shop, selling handcrafted pieces designed in store by Emily herself. It's a gem of a find and if you get a chance, you should really go. All her materials have been carefully sourced and up cycled.

Hope you love the video. Please let me know if you would like to see more videos like this.

Lots of love, 
Joy xo xo 

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