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Today I'm sharing a personal favourite recipe. It's my take on what I think a bruschetta should be. It's extremely yummy and I genuinely think everyone should try this at least once. Bruschetta really can be what you make it and I like mine tasty, spicy and with different textures, which is exactly why I have settled on the ingredients below.

As mentioned in the video, The Polish Bakery had sent me some yummy goodies which also included cakes. In the beautiful package were some loaves of bread - Chia seed, Pumpkin seed and Rye bread. It's kinda the idea that if someone gives you lemons... hahaha! What a lemonade I made though because honestly, this really was the best bruschetta I had made yet - if I might say so myself.

Although I don't do "recipes" as such, I appreciate that it is useful to detail what my ingredients were and a step by step account of how I got to the finished product, hence as promised, here are the ingredients I used. You can see in the video how I don't measure anything, I simply add as much of everything as I feel is necessary. If you're a new cook, don't be afraid to do the same - you'll find your balance eventually and know exactly what you like.


White onions, spring (green) onions, shitake mushrooms, bean sprouts, chopped tomatoes, thinly slices tomatoes, eggs, avocado, sesame oil, rosemary, oregano, chopped garlic, chinese 5 spice, green chillis, cayenne pepper and maggi cubes.


Lightly heat the sesame oil in a frying pan/wok for a few minutes until it is hot enough to fry but not smoking. Brown your white and green onions for a few minutes until soft, add your mushrooms and bean sprouts and stir. Allow these to also brown for a few minutes. At this point, you can start spicing. The first thing I like to add is garlic. I used chopped garlic in the video but sometimes, I buy the bulb and use a clove of garlic, or two - depending on how big the meal is. Add oregano and some Chinese 5 spice and stir. The Chinese 5 spice and sesame oil are really what make this recipe. Most people make bruschetta the Italian way however these two ingredients turn your taste buds inside out by giving it a strong oriental taste! The beansprouts also add a bit of crunch which sends me into over-drive as I LOVE different textures in my food.

After a few minutes, add the chopped tomatoes and maggi cube (I only used one as it was a small meal). Be aware Maggi is very salty, you really don't need to add salt. Leave to fry for a further few minutes. Then add the avocado. You need to make sure you're not using an overly ripe avocado to avoid unnecessary mushiness.

To make things even more extra special, I added poached eggs to this recipe. Yuuuummmmm! Getting my mouth watered just thinking about this now!! At the end of the video, you can see my review of The Polish Bakery bread. I then 'toasted' the bread in the oven at 180degrees for about 7 minutes. My oven is quite aggressive so you may find you need longer in yours.

Layer as your heart desires. I put some sliced tomatoes on my toasted bread, then feta cheese, bruschetta and some coriander leaves to make it look pretty. Go crazy - sprinkle with red jalapeno peppers or sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, ground pepper - whatever!


Really hope this was useful and of course, if you do try this out please do let me know in the comments section below. Or perhaps you might have a bruschetta recipe that you swear by? If you have pictures or a video to share, even better.

Lots of love,
J xo xo

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