Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

Still in my sweaty workout gear after my training session with Furious Fitness today, I walked into a Brixton hair shop to buy some hair products before jumping on the train home. One of the members of staff asked if I had just been to the gym, to which I nodded and then he proceeded to tell me how he admired people who did because somehow he never has time for the gym. This is a conversation that I seem to have quite a lot, especially recently. People always ask 'Where do you find time?' and my answer is always the same - like most 'busy' people, there is 'no time' for anything but if you want it bad enough, you just make time! 

When I am not at the gym, I try and merge being social with working out. Find fun things to do with your friends. You've seen my bootcamp workout video with bff Bedi and my gym techniques video with my good friend Nicola Richards. A lot of my youtube videos actually do involve my friends because it really is the best way to keep fit and still have a social life. 

When I am at the gym, it's not because I have nothing else to do, it's because I have prioritised going working out at the gym. To me, it's just as important as eating. You eat when you're hungry and sometimes when you're not. You just eat, because.

Some people might say 'I don't have a social life at all as it is, I have a baby or work round the clock' - well, then just wake up 30minutes earlier to go for a run or get a dvd to do at home - in fact, nowadays it's as easy as playing a youtube videos - there are SO MANY free workouts online. It's exactly what Ruth and I did.

So a few weeks ago, the lovely Ruth came to visit. The plan was to go for a run but unfortunately it did start to rain. We had to think very quickly on our feet before all our motivation died down and this was the result. We ended up playing an Insanity Youtube video from Shaun T's T25 and omg it works. I was introduced to T25 last year by a good friend and it is hard - doable but extremely challenging. You really don't have to be at the gym to be working your ass off.

We of course filmed the video of our workout. To see this, simply visit my youtube channel tomorrow morning where it will be live and waiting for you :) So excited to share this with you because it's taken me a long time to realise that 'I can make time'. Making time for the gym is making time for you, looking after numero uno. This is extremely important. It's far from a chore and it's just as important as breathing. I'm really starting to understand this. If you're worried you can't do a lot, gosh - please don't worry at all - just start somewhere, trust me before you know it, you're flying. Don't think about results, instead, just enjoy the process!

Have you tried Insanity before? Do you ever exercise at home with friends? I would be very interested to know how you try and keep the social life and fitness life balance? Have you got it down to a t? Please share in the comments section below. Also don't forget to let me know what you think about the video once it's out tomorrow morning - feel free to leave comments on Youtube and of course, please do subscribe to my channel whilst you're there :)

Lots of love,
J xo xo 

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