Monday, April 04, 2016

MUM TURNS 60!!!!!!!!

Dear gorgeous person, you! 

It is with great pleasure and a mahusive smile on my face that I write this piece. Everyone talks about their mums like they are the best and should be honoured by the queen every day but honestly, my mum is the best and should be honoured by the queen every day!!!! This woman deserves all the love in the world and seriously is the best human I know. Life has treated her well - too well infact - way beyond her childhood imaginations but then was so cruel and crashed her right down to the bottom like she wasn't expecting it. I can't even begin to explain when, how and why. However my greatest achievement to date is coming out of someone so generous, kind, strong, beautiful, accommodating and loads more. She is my rock, my biggest fan, my world, my universe and my life... well until you put us in the same room LOL! I really do love her with every inch of me. We all do. So here's to being 60 years young mumma! Life begins at 60 they say!!!! Btw if you can't see the extreme resemblance, mum is the one on the left in the pic above.

Here are a few more pics from her birthday party which might as well have been as stressful as a wedding. Oh mum doesn't do small, she loves everything grand and blingy lol. I wonder where I got that from then :)

One of the best things about being an Ogude is coming from two parents that love to get their groove on. As well as mum, my dad is pretty hardcore. They partied hard together in the 60s and aren't showing any signs of slowing down! It was so lovely to see dad in his element, dancing and having a lovely time. I LOVE this pic of him and I below! It's beyond amazing. Like mum, he is also my world, my universe, my rock, friend and every kind word I could use to describe him. Like all dads and daughters, we certainly have had our moments but my God, I love him to pieces too!! I feel so lucky to have both my parents and I know this may not last forever, hence I plan on making the most of them being around and in good health. You would never believe dad is above 70 would you?! He is so rocking it!!! I hope I look like this when I'm older!!!

Mum has wanted this party for a very long time and she looked so happy, it was amazing to see. We're very similar in a lot of ways but one thing we terribly differ at is that she is beyond organised and I'm not. She plans everything in advance and does not leave anything to chance. I tend to plan some things in advance but certainly not in as much detail as she does. She literally started shopping for birthday wines, champagne etc a whole year in advance. She is beyond capable of organising the whole country like it's nothing. Check out my gorgeous uncle below too! There's so much family resemblance it's unreal. You'd think my brother Tony (two pics down, dancing with me) was his son! LOL

It was so lovely to have the whole family in one place too... my uncles and their not so little ones, my brothers, cousins, nieces, aunties, sisters and very close family friends, we might as well all be related. I danced the night away like no one was watching and at one stage pretty much hijacked the microphone and played afro-beats from the DJs speakers. I got people up to dance as much as possible - adults and kids alike. Gosh, what a fantastic evening it really was. Well deserved for a gorgeous celebrant. She had about 6 massive cakes, I was clearly too busy eating them to take pics haha. Mum had an outfit change from yellow to blue and she looked beyond stunning.

There are way too many pics and I'm afraid I can't post them all. Just want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who made mum's birthday special - from the elders at her church to my aunties who did all the cooking, my uncle who MC'd, my brothers & E on drinks, my sister, her friend and I on food, my friends who came all the way from Manchester, Stoke and London. Many thanks to those who graced us with their presence too - all 150 of you!!! I'd be writing for ages if I had to name you all but you know who you are. Mum is very grateful and so am I. It was a real family effort. I really didn't want it to end! 

One sad thing though - no photos of E!!! :( It's pretty much because we weren't together for most of the night - we had different delegated duties and when I had the camera, I took mostly pics of food and when he had the camera, we got distracted dancing and he took mostly pics of me - which is a change - I never have pics taken - I usually do the taking lol! I can assure you, E looked dapper - such husband material, him! #MyHeart.

Have your parents or anyone you know had a milestone party recently? If so, how old did they turn? What was the party like? I'd also like to know what your next milestone party is and what you're planning for it. Please leave comments in the comments section below.

Lots of love,
xo xo 

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