Sunday, March 27, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you!


I couldn't be more excited to introduce you to my two new friends and fellow fitness enthusiasts - Tally Rye (middle) and Abby Russell (right). I came across these two beauties on Instagram. They initially made a video about body confidence on Abby's Youtube channel and I loved them straight away. They both met at drama school and Abby now models (can we all just take a minute to appreciate her curves #BodyGoals) whilst Tally is a PT and does some amazing work around London inspiring women to exercise as one third of Girl Gains.

I knew I had to get in touch with Abby and Tally because their message was right up my street. I LOVE that they stand for women feeling comfortable in their own skins whilst being inspired to work out. That is exactly what I'm all about - self love! As soon as we set a date, I knew that this would be a fun fun fun day. To be honest though, the weekend before, E and I were at mum's and you all know how much she likes to feed us. We ate LOADS and she sent us back with a truckload of food as per my Instagram picture. Hence, the Monday morning we filmed this video, I was literally full of jollof rice, amala and fried rice and so felt pregnant the entire time I was exercising with these two beauties. However that really didn't take away from how much fun it was. Despite the rain, all three of us were full of energy and ready to work out. 

As you probably know from my numerous Instagram and Facebook posts, I'm on a fitness journey to get fit for summer and I started just before Christmas last year. This video was actually filmed a few weeks ago and I feel I've made some more progress since then. I now have three months left until my goal date (29th of June) and there is a lot more to be achieved. Nutrition wise, I have been a bit relaxed, only eating right about 70% but now I realise I really need to tighten things up so I've decided to cut sugar out completely. This is going to be extremely hard as it is literally my weakness but I'm starting to learn about 'will power'. I will make a video on my new nutrition soon so do keep an eye on my YouTube channel

Hope you guys love the video. Don't be too hard on us. The idea is to start small and as long as you keep with it, you can only get better.  Fitness doesn't happen overnight. I am aware that some of the workouts look embarrassing (on my part not Abby's lol) but I have left them in to encourage you to not worry about how weak you are or what your body looks like - just think about the goal.

I really would love to know if you are also trying to get fitter for summer as it would be great to support each other. Perhaps you are fit already and might have some tips for me? Please leave them in the comment section below.

Lots of love,
xo xo

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