Sunday, March 13, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you!


I finally managed to get my brother on camera. I have been looking forward to making videos with Bright for a very long time. We have a pretty awesome relationship and I have been trying to tempt him into having his own Youtube channel for ages and I am so proud to announce I have succeeded. Bright is naturally very creative so I can't wait to see his videos. I've been teaching him so much about Youtube in the fast few weeks and I'm absolutely amazed at how quickly he's taken it all in and he hasn't held back making videos either! #ProudBigSisterMoment haha.


Naturally, the best first video to shoot together was the Sibling Tag. This is a really popular video on Youtube where you and your sibling are asked questions by your followers - perhaps things they would like to know about you or funny 'would you rather' questions. Massive thanks to Kay Richards, Divya Bhalla and Diya Ganguly who all gave us suggestions on my FB page. It was really fun sorting through the questions but unfortunately they did not all make it in as we wanted to keep the video to a maximum of 6 minutes.

Filming the videos was so much fun and I'm pretty sure you will see why! My mum even gets to feature in mine. Anyway, enough of this lecture. Bright and I filmed two videos...

Here is the one that features on my youtube channel...

Here's the one that features on Bright's Youtube channel. It's a different version of a sibling tag with different questions and some interesting dares! I actually prefer this to mine as I love Bright's style of editing. It's pretty amazing. It's like he's thinking about all the things in my head but then takes it and makes it 100x better. #Genius! Please show Bright some love and subscribe to his channel.

It's so nice knowing you guys are driving what I do and I would love to keep things as interactive as possible with you because it makes it all fun and worthwhile for me if I'm creating videos that are heavily influenced by you. That way, I also know I am creating videos you want to see. So please do feel free to suggest video ideas and leave your lovely comments and feedback too here on my blog and on Youtube.

Hope you enjoy the videos. Let me know if you would like me to film more stuff with Bright and what you think of him :)

Lots of love,
xo xo

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