Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

It's crazy to think that in my lifetime I would have ever considered being a full time blogger and youtuber. I have been making videos on and off on Youtube since January 2007. My first ever video blog was very embarrassing and you can find that on my Facebook Page (also feel free to laugh at me!)

Due to always having a full time job as a Chartered Physiotherapist, I've never had a schedule for posting videos, never used my analytics or even considered my audience - the most important people who are watching and waiting on the next video. I suppose this is because despite my love for creating content, I've never considered my content important enough to have a loyal audience. Why would anyone want to subscribe or follow me?

Having come from a typical Nigerian family (I was born in Nigeria and lived there until I was 17 - read my story here), there are only a handful of respected professional degrees - Medicine (my family's favourite for me), Economics, Law and Accounting - all being right at the top. Despite getting extremely good grades at college, much to my parent's disappointment, I chose to study Physiotherapy. They have now come to love and accept this. However, exactly 10 years later, I am breaking their hearts once again. I am becoming a full time blogger and content creator on youtube! I broke the news to them just last week and my poor parents really can't get their heads around this. They think I'm bonkers!!! They are my biggest fans and love watching my videos but they'd prefer it just as a hobby as opposed to a career.

The truth is it didn't just happen overnight. This has been a long time coming. My interest in creating started in 2007, just a year into studying my Physiotherapy degree. I invested in a very cheap camcorder that probably recorded at 144p LOL and I roped my friends and family into being interviewed for JoyTV - my then youtube channel. I really didn't understand how youtube worked but I decided that I wanted to have a place online where I could make videos and people anywhere in the world could see what I managed to film, present and edit - all by myself. Self taught. I will have to make a video on this where I will explain in more detail. 

The decision to do this full time has slowly been brewing over the past few years and I have taken a few short breaks from work to make some big changes like launching this amazing blog which was a lot more ambitious than I realised at the time, buying a whole lot of camera equipment and (still) learning how to use them, writing documentary ideas for TV etc.  Now that I feel all the basic things are in place i.e my foundation, what I need is the time to be able to build bricks on this seemingly strong foundation.

I have been lucky enough to be taken under the wings of a lovely woman at Youtube who is just beyond amazing. I have been made a youtube partner and I will be closely guided by Jenny who is the most enthusiastic person I've ever met. She's so positive and her main role is to help people grow on youtube. So for the next few months, she will be helping me develop my channel and brand. I'm actually much more excited than when I first got my physio degree! LOL. 

I love that nowadays, technology has made it so the only thing that limits you is your imagination. I love the idea of being self employed and creative. I love that I can bring positivity to my youtube audience wherever they might be in the world, rather than being limited to speaking to just one patient in a physio clinic. 

I feel blessed that I have the opportunity to make this decision and my only regret is that I didn't make it all those many years ago. At the same time, it's triple scary as it means that I'm literally throwing everything I know to be logical out the window but when you have a burning desire to be something, you'd be doing yourself a total misjustice if you didn't do it. 

Have you made a risky decision recently? Or a while ago maybe? Did it pay off? Do you have any regrets? What lessons did you learn? I would really love to know. Please let me know in the comments section below.

In the meantime, make sure you keep an eye on my youtube channel - I will now be releasing 3 videos a week. A lot of it will be about health and fitness and my journey to getting fit for summer but I will also be interviewing chefs, nutritionists and personal trainers for health and fitness advice. Don't worry though, there'll be lots of challenges and tag videos too - I know you youtube lovers love that. The overall message of my channel will be based around self love. Expect a few sit down heart to heart videos every now and again.

I am very grateful to you for all your support so far. If you would like to support me, all you need to do is 'subscribe' to my youtube channel, like and comment on my videos - it's all totally free. Thanks so much.

Lots of love,
xo xo 

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