Saturday, January 16, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

My gosh! I really can't believe how long it's been since my last blog post! I'm terribly sorry. I have actually been meaning to post this since December (as you do) but for several reasons including working through the festive break, it just hasn't happened. I have somehow become the queen of procrastination but I promise I'm getting better. Managing my time appropriately is something I am consciously working on this year #NewYearsResolutions. Anyway, this post is really about sharing the festive period pics with you. You may have seen some on my Instagram or FacebookPage (thanks for following on both by the way) but as promised, here are the rest...


E and I spent Christmas up in the Cotswolds with his brother Grant and his wife Hannah. Neither of us had ever spent Christmas day eating out but we were really looking forward to doing something different. Normally in a typical Nigerian family like mine, we have so much food and tens of people - friends, neighbours, extended family etc popping in and out throughout Christmas day. It's so busy and loud that there's never a dull moment. As you know from last year's Christmas blog, E and I spent Christmas alone which was really lovely but it meant a lot of food going to waste. Hence, this time, four was just the right number. It was tranquil, no waste, very good company and some well deserved quality time. Eating out was lovely too - stress free and just what we all needed. 

Look how HUGE my hair is in the pic above! I got a new wig - first time ever having a wig and I'm loving it! It's sooo full!!! On boxing day, we went for a two hour walk and it was amazing. You know how much I normally don't like to be outside of my comfort zone (more like just outside haha) but I've decided to embrace all the things I despise and live a little. I really enjoyed the walk! Gosh , check out the killer views at the top of the hills, which were equally a killer to climb but well worth it! Also geared us right up for watching Star Wars Episode 7 (the things I do for love hey).

On the 27th, Grant decided to get his ham out (sounds so rude!!!!). I still can't believe how much it cost but my gosh it tasted absolutely amazing. Literally the best ham I've ever had! We also had Kay, E's sister head up with her hubby Wes and their two adorable kids Thea and Harry. Literally, how adorable are they though! Thea is just stunning and Haribo as I love to call him, is the smartest little 5year old you'll ever meet.

Check out my everyday crush above! Gosh, I'm so madly, truly, deeply in love with this face - I'm pretty sure it would scare him if he knew just how much!! He is literally the kindest, fairest, most amazing person ever. I literally want to look after him with every ounce of my soul! Too deep Joy, too deep and waaaayy too much info but so true! haha. A lot of you keep asking about how we met, how long we've been together etc so maybe one day, I might make a video blog to answer all your questions... maybe :)


Fast forward to the new year, E and I drove up to the Midlands to see my side of the family - quite late on New Year's day as I was working - hence we kind of missed the main celebrations :( but we still managed to catch up with everyone. Tony was down with his gorgeous Gem and baby Ruby and of course the rest of the family too. Unfortunately dad wasn't with us this time. Mum did her usual slaving away in the kitchen the whole weekend and the food was nothing less than tasty. It was so lovely to see my little people Chantal, Tammy, Leo and Mason. Here are a few pics from the weekend.

I really do hope you all had a fantastic celebration and have settled right back into normal life - whatever that might be :) Here's to 2016!!! Bring it on! We're conquering this year together yaaarrr!

Lots of love, 
xo xo 

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