Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

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Hope you're gearing right up for xmas. I know I am, although in a totally low key kind of way. So recently, I started working in Kensington & Chelsea, right in the heart of London for a few reasons including wanting to increase the number of steps I take a day simply from being forced to get the tube rather than drive to visit my physio patients at home, as with a lot of my other jobs.

One of the main reasons however why I accepted this job is so that I could attend events like this based in the centre of town, quite easily before or after work.  This was the launch of Danielle Peazer's 12 week body plan in collaboration with We Heart Living. As soon as I got an invite, I was so excited to attend and trust me, it was worth it. It was such a pleasure to meet this beauty, what a genuinely fantastic soul indeed. 

I arrived at Third Space (Soho) just before 8am as I was filming for my youtube channel on the day (video below). I was genuinely surprised to see Danielle was already sat at reception, quite literally the first one waiting. I warmed to her immediately because the first thing I thought was "Good for you! For being so humble, turning up an entire hour before everyone else". I immediately recognised her and said hello, introduced myself and we sat chatting excitedly like we'd been friends for a while, whilst waiting for everyone else to arrive.

What struck me the most about Danielle was how enthusiastic and humble she was about her 12 week body plan, which was exactly why the event had been put together. Danielle went on to tell me why she was so excited about releasing it just before Christmas. She wanted everyone to have a relaxed, guilt free Christmas knowing that they then already have a plan in the bag for the new year! I've actually been lucky enough to see the 12 week plan (shhhhh!) and let me tell you now, I definitely will be trying out those recipes in the new year. So I'm sure you're dying to hear all about the actual plan so below I've put together a few things you might be interested to know below but first, here are a few pics from Monday morning when Danielle put us through our paces. All pics by Lucy Photography.

So Reebok very generously kitted us all out from head to toe. I loovveeee my gear! Thanks Reebok.

See Reebok Women's sports bra range here
Reebok Women's top range
Reebok Women;s leggings range:
Reebok women's shoe range:
My exact shoes

Just to make you aware, they come in pretty big sizes so make sure you go small - especially in shoes!


Danielle designed her 12 week plan in conjunction with We Heart Living and a team of fitness and nutrition experts. This beauty has been a dancer for 10+ years for artists such as Katy Perry & JT. Safe to say not only does she definitely know more than the average person when it comes to eating right and training, she also has the body to prove it. Ps have you seen that?? #ActualBodyGoals.

For a period of 12 weeks, you get weekly workout plans, weekly yummy recipes and weekly motivational videos from Danielle herself. There are 75 exercises in total.

The plan contains 40 yummy recipes that you can mix and match to allow for flexible eating.

At normally less than £2.99/week (£35.99 for 12 weeks), you would think this 12 week plan couldn't come any cheaper but you'd be wrong! Right now, you can pre- order it for only £25.99!!!!! Madness! Haha! This is for a limited period only so I'd grab one now if I were you! Right here

So here's the video I made on the day. Pardon the bags under my eyes - I'm absolutely feeling run down at the moment - seeing quite a lot of physio patients, prepping for Christmas and of course making vlogs/blogs for you guys whilst also trying to keep fit at the gym. The latter is suffering. I have a few days off over xmas so don't worry, I'll recharge then. 

Follow Danielle's blog here
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Please subscribe to meeeee too

A huge thanks to the beautiful Rae Young for the invite and the girls at We Heart Living. You all couldn't have been any more gracious. Thank you for having me x

Lots of love,

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

Check out these beauties! No, this is not a sponsored post. Today, I was invited to an amazing event - a breakfast launch event for the sports gear brand On. Their fantastic PR company Aspire PR & Marketing were helping them launch a new type of running footwear that they've recently added to their collection, called Cloudflow. The idea is that this running shoe has been designed to be very lightweight and adds to your runners high hence the hashtag #onarunnershigh (IG & twitter). You can see the 'clouds' at the bottom of the shoe and it's meant to give you a very smooth lift off when you run. The shoes retail at £120 or €139.99 - you can check them out here but before you do, I'd like to give you my two penny's worth seeing as we got to test them out this morning at what couldn't have been a better launch. 


On is a Swiss running footwear brand founded 6 years ago and based in Zurich, Switzerland & Portland, Oregon. Albeit relatively young, it now has two million runners worldwide and is number two in the Swiss running shoe market. It also happens to be amongst the Top 5 in Germany, hence they are rapidly becoming a world renowned and established running shoe brand.

These gorgeous Cloudflow shoes you see us wearing were designed by this amazing man - Olivier Bernhard (in pic above with me). He is the founder of On who happens to be a former world class triathlete, triple world champion and six time iron man winner... So believe me when I say he definitely knows a thing or two about sports shoes. 

He's not in it alone though, he leads a team of sports scientists and running enthusiasts and their goal is simple - to help you achieve that running high by making running as fun and as comfortable as possible. Safe to say they're achieving this as they're already getting noticed. They have already won the prestigious ISPO brand new award for innovation in sport as well as the gold award for best performance shoe 2015/16. Pretty sure this is only the beginning for them.
for innovation in spor

It was an early start at 8am this morning but the weather was absolutely amazing. It had rained so was a bit slippy however, it was actually warm out. Autumn leaves scattered all over the ground and Kings Cross (London) simply couldn't have looked and felt any more stunning. We met at Spiritland in Granary Square and everyone came dressed in their warm clothes and gorgeous attires. We were greeted by the amazing Aspire PR team and Olivier himself. We all got handed our shoes and I was so happy because I got the exact colour I wanted - these beauties you see in the pic above! 

Shortly afterwards, we headed out for an amazing run and it was everything! On my current fitness plan, I've got to do 60 minutes of cardio daily and I couldn't have been happier to run along my favourite canal in London with other like minded people. Everyone was in great spirits and we came back to a fantastically healthy breakfast which I couldn't eat - so painful! #KetoDietProblems


So let's get on with what you're really dying to know - my review! It's simple - buy them! You definitely need one of these. I LOVE these shoes so much even though I have only run in them once. Erm no, it's not just because they look amazing - yes the colour is fantastic but I'll tell you the other reasons I love them.

They're super light and fit you like a very comfortable glove! I had very thick socks on this morning and had to take them off because they made my shoes too tight (I requested for a size 7 and in some brands, I fit an 8). As soon as I took my socks off, it was pure bliss. My feet actually felt like they were home! Sounds a bit silly but I would actually recommend running in very thin socks or none at all, if you haven't tried it before. I felt like I was in complete control of my shoes and somehow my feet and shoes were in sync with my brain and muscles. At no point did I have any issues with pain, rubbing or discomfort and to be honest, I totally forgot I had no socks on. After the run, I noticed my feet were as dry as! No sweating at all - the shoe was well ventilated. The other thing to bear in mind is the firmness you get on landing and take off, especially considering the slight 'slippyness' of the ground - I felt in perfect control.

Now, I'm no cloud expert but whatever technology is in the clouds, they definitely work because my lift off was like wow! I normally feel quite heavy on my feet and although I have been training a lot (as some of you might know from my Instagram), which may have contributed to me feeling much lighter on my feet, I genuinely feel having such appropriate running shoes helped 1million%

If none of the above convince you, bear this in mind - that you're buying from a very honest company and they have put their heart and soul into the making of this brand. Olivier gave a talk about  his experience as a triathlete and how that contributed to the company being founded. What a fantastically humble man. Before the picture of him and I above was taken, we had a chat and I can genuinely say it was a real honour to meet him. He was there in his running shorts, gear and shoes - blending in with the crowd like he was one of us. It really was a pleasure to be there today and I genuinely couldn't recommend these shoes enough. Follow ON on Twitter & IG or check out their website.

What a brilliant opportunity it was to be able to test these out before everyone else.  I feel so spesh! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Aspire PR & Marketing team for the invite! Love you guys xmwahx

I am going to wear my cloudflows in some more and then make a video review on them in a few weeks so please do subscribe to my youtube channel if you haven't yet already.

Have you tried any gear from On? What did you think? Do you swear by any other shoe brand for running? Why don't you share your thoughts with me in the comments section below.

Lots of love,
J xo xo 

Monday, November 14, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you!

I wanted to write this post because it's something I have to keep telling myself always. It's so very difficult to have such easy access to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube without feeling like your life could be better and you could gain more success.

Do you ever find yourself feeling jealous about your friends' achievements? That stomach churning feeling you get when you open up someone's IG page and you see their pictures and you start to resent yourself. You hate your life and wish you had someone else's? When your friend just announces on FB that she's just landed that dream job and although you're somewhat happy for her, your very first instict/reaction is 'Ffs, I've been trying for ages!' - Is that you? Don't worry, you're definitely not alone. We all get that - myself included.

For some reason, I feel Mondays are the worst days for this feeling. Certainly for me. When the weekend is over, I get this feeling of "...and the hustle begins again". I begin to revaluate my goals and somehow always want to make some more plans to solidify the plans I already have which is such a stupid idea. You know that saying "the more time spent planning, the less action you're actually taking". I am well aware of this and try and catch myself out as soon as I feel me doing this so that I can cut it off immediately.

It's very simple - keep your eyes on your own work. Stop being so distracted by everything around you. Everyone else deserves to be as successful as you want to be. They all deserve for their dreams to come true. However, time is key. It's not up to you when you get your breakthrough, it's up to time. Just trust the process. Keep your eyes on your work. Focus and continue to be consistent. You're actually doing just fine.

I will make a video on this soon. If you have yet to subscribe to my youtube channel, please do. I've decided to make more videos than written blogs. I'm now on a body transformation journey and I will be aiming to upload at least 2 videos a week discussing everything from what I'm eating on my keto diet to what I do to train, as well as addressing very specific questions like avoiding carbs, how much protein should I eat etc. So please do come over to the tube and say hey! 

Lots of love,
J xo xo 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

You know that feeling when you've decided to let go of all your fears and jump right in despite your mind going "Are you sure you wanna do this?' and then you do it anyway and you just can't stop smiling? Well, that's kinda how I feel right now. I've jumped head first into the month of October, making youtube videos like I've never made them before, releasing 5 videos per week (except for the slight hiccup last week haha). I knew it would be difficult for lots of reasons including the fact that editing makes my brain waves go nuts.

To add fuel to fire, I decided to make a big deal of it and film with other bloggers. Mainly people I follow on IG. People that inspire me. Feel free to check out my entire video collection here

Today's video features the absolutely beautiful Grainne (IG - @cakesweightsandproteinshakes). In this video, we're talking about our insecurities and how we've come to find support with each other and a network of other fitness enthusiasts online. Before I share the video with you, here are a few stills to give you a bit of an idea what we got up to. Our partner workout was amazing. 

First time I've worked out in my garden since we've had it done and it felt really good to utilise the space actually.

The most amazing thing about making this video with Grainne is that in it, we talk a lot about women supporting each other and in the past week, we've both needed support and reached out to each other. You may have seen this picture on my IG page from last Friday. I was feeling a little down about how much effort I was putting into youtube compared to how much I was getting back and guess who came to cheer me up?! So lovely to know that something as beautiful as a friendship has come out of putting myself out there, even though I was a little scared to do it in the first place. If true friendships is all I gain, then to me, it was all worth it.

Have you done a partner workout recently? Do you feel comfortable discussing your insecurities with other people?Do you have an online or physical network of people who keep you inspired? Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of love, 
J xo xo 

Wednesday, October 05, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

As part of #octOVERit, I am making daily videos to help motivate you for to keep going strong with your food and fitness choices. If you're new to this idea, don't worry, here's a little summary. I first heard of it when two lovely girls on IG I follow posted some pics to say they had eaten so much crap this month and given in to temptation quite a lot however now they would like to be "over it" - get it? OctOVERit throughout the month of October :) clever huh?!

Well I decided to join in and help motivate you some more by releasing daily videos on my youtube channel - all things food, health and fitness and all throughout the month #GodHelpMe!

Today's video is a really lovely, super healthy lunch recipe I rustled up in about 15mins - including preparation. I bought all my ingredients from Sainsbury's and it all came to 6.75GBP. The quantity I made will feed me twice and I still have lots of ingredients left over so this is super cheap and you could easily feed a family of 5 by bulking up with spaghetti (75pence each).


Spiralized buttenut squash
Oyster mushrooms (hand shredded)
Sweet peppers 
Baby leaf spinach
Red chillies (hot)
Extra lean stirfry pork (3% fat) 
Peri peri seasoning
Curry powder
Maggi cubes x2


1. Gently heat a good quality non stick frying pan for 20secs. You don't want it too hot otherwise it'll burn your pork.

2. Add pork, spice with paprika, coriander, salt and peri peri seasoning, add a few sprays of low calorie cal oil, stir gently. Wait two minutes for the pork to brown and release natural water and oils. This also gives the pork some time to digest the spices you've added.

3. Add your mushrooms and chillies. Stir well. Ensure you're cooking on a low heat. It helps avoid burning and ensures that the ingredients cook softly but thoroughly.

4. After 1 minutes, add your bell peppers, stir well. Add the rest of the spices. I always encourage spicing to taste. Some people might want to add more than I've suggested e.g. garlic, mustard - totally up to you. Stir well.

5. Add spiralised butternut squash. How long you want to leave this in for is totally up to you. I will recommend cooking for at least 4 minutes in the stir fry or microwave for 3 minutes and cook for 2. You'll also notice in the video that I added some water. This was to keep my ingredients soft. Some people might prefer everything crunchy so skip that step. 

6. Add spinach. Wilts down in 20secs. Don't leave in for any longer otherwise you'll find it difficult to see it and I think the colour is great to contrast every thing else.

7. Serve in a bowl and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Enjoy


The video is live now on my youtube channel so please watch and leave me a comment.

Lots of love,
J xo xo 

Monday, September 26, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

I've decided to tweak a few things on my blog to ensure that it absolutely reflects who I truly am. As much as I don't consider myself someone who goes with the flow or tries to fit into what I am told I "should be doing", a small but significant part of me is still very conscious of what other people are up to, especially in my field of work/interests - blogging/vlogging, health, fitness, food and physiotherapy. 

"Inspire Me" is the space on my blog that I've chosen to express what I'm truly feeling in that moment. This is not to say that the rest of my blog does not reflect that, rather what I mean is I will aim to use this space for more spontaneous, I haven't taken lots of time to put it together kind of blogs. 

A big part of me has always been the girl who sticks out like a sore thumb screaming out loud "I'm okay being me!" Similar to the plus size model  (who is actually a healthy, average size) surrounded by could do with eating a burger size minus two models or the transgender child who gets reminded how "different" (s)he is. I feel there's room for all races, ages, disabilities, cultures, genders, sexualities and whatever other labels that have been placed on us to box us in and make us doubt ourselves.

This morning, I posted this photo below on my Instagram page and I really didn't want to. I ended up writing a very detailed description of it and I thought I should share that with you. Welcome to "Inspire Me", I really hope my posts here inspire you! <3


"I wasn't gonna post this photo for all the reasons my brain tells me I'm not good enough. Although I genuinely felt a million dollars in this outfit that I wore to a friend's birthday party on Saturday, I don't actually like this picture. To me, it shows my biggest insecurity - my legs! Sometimes I feel my legs have a mind of their own. It's like a part of my body that isn't really a part of my body lol. They just like to do their own thing. I think I look extremely awkward in this photo and I know it, not only because if how rushed I felt whilst taking it (because we were running late to the party) but also because this isn't a pose I feel comfortable with. I never put one leg in front of the other with my knee completely straight, it flattens my legs, spreads the fat on it and makes it look even bigger than it is! The bigger effect is that it makes me look like I've got carrots for legs (wider on top & thinner at the bottom) lol

Now that I'm done self criticising, let me tell you all the things I love about myself in this pic. My arms always look toned, my smile is infectious and always stands proudly on my face, exposing my "perfect" teeth (people forever compliment me on this), eyebrows are on fleek in this pic and I love how slim lined my waist is. One of the best things about being curvy is a small waist and God do I rinse it. I absolutely love to show it off. I think my nose is as cute as a button which is why I never contour it and my normally flat chest is just the perfect size for my body. Outside of the natural things, I love the colour combo of this outfit (a new top rapidly becoming one of my favs with a very old fav skirt I've had for over 10yrs). I love how great I felt, how in love I am with the person who took it, hair&makeup, I literally love everything else about this pic

It's mindblowing how we have been conditioned through the media to look at ourselves and pick out the one 1% we don't like, totally disregarding the 99% we absolutely #love

Gosh, it feels so free-ing to post that! Have a fantastic Monday wherever you are xx

Lots of love,
J xo xo 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

Today, I wanted to share this amazing salad recipe. Who said salads need to be boring hey? I have learnt to love salads. I eat them with zero guilt because they can be as healthy as you want. However, I never hold back, instead, I tend to go cray cray on my salads because I want a filling meal that wouldn't mean I will be having going back to the fridge in two hours. This beauty you're staring at is a parma ham, boiled egg and cheese salad... yuummmm.


Raw Spinach - washed and dried
Baby tomatoes - sliced in half or quarters
Feta cheese 
Cucumber - quartered
Beetroot - quartered
2 boiled eggs - sliced
Parma ham ( I used 3 - removing any visible fat)
Light mayonnaise to dress (optional)
Toppings - black pepper, salt and chilli flakes

Preparation for this was less than 10 minutes - mainly the time it took for the eggs to boil and cool down (I usually soak my eggs in very cold water or leave in a bowl, under a running tap so as to make it a lot easier for the shell to separate from the egg. This ensures your peeling is successful and you avoid clumps of egg, sticking to the shell.

The best thing about making a salad is that you really can put anything you want in it. I totally scoffed this down like no man's business - guilt free! This meal will be part of a new video I will upload to my youtube channel next week - "What I eat in a weekend" so do keep an eye out for that. Remember to follow me on Instagram too for almost daily posts of food for inspiration, should you need any.

Have you made any yummy salads recently? Do you think you might try this? Would you like a recipe for something in particular? Let me know in the comments section below.

Lots of love,
J xo xo 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you!

You may have watched my video on youtube where I showed you how I put this amazing meal together. I promised I would leave you a step by step guidance of exactly what and how much of the ingredients I used, so here it is...


Any white spaghetti (I used a Sainsbury's store brand)
Quorn meat-free mince
Tomato puree
Chopped tomatoes (fresh or in a pack)
Spring onions - chopped
Red peppers - chopped
Chilli powder
Curry powder
Maggi cubes x2
Garlic salt
Spinach - half a family size bag (mine was from Sainsbury's)
Fry light oil spray (optional)


1. Heat a wok or non-stick frying pan on a low-medium heat. You could use your fry light spray if you're worried about your food being too dry, although this is optional. I didn't use mine because if the heat is low enough, it cooks very slowly and evenly, rather than just burning, which makes it very dry.

2. Add your mince to the pan and gently stir for three minutes, then add your spring onions and red peppers. Gently stir for a further two minutes. Again, at this point, you may choose to add your fry light oil or not. I didn't feel the need to.

3. Add your chopped tomatoes. I used one in a pack for convenience.

4. Add all your spices and leave to simmer for about ten to fifteen minutes on a slightly higher heat. You may be aware - I don't measure my spices, instead, I go by the taste. That's why in the video, you can see me deciding to put one more maggi cube in after I tasted it. Even if you're a novice cook, I would encourage you to spice by taste, rather than according to someone else's recipe as you might like a little less chilli but a bit more salt or perhaps a lot of spice but a little less chilli. Everyone is different. Having said that, just today, I have ordered some measuring spoons and cups from Amazon because I want to be able to tell you exactly how much of what I put into my food - simply as a guide.

5. After 10-15 minutes, when it should be all cooked, taste to see if you need to add any more spices. If not, then simply add your already washed spinach. This will only need a further one minute to wilt down. You don't want the spinach to disappear which will happen if you cook it for much longer. You want to be able to see and taste it.

6. For the spaghetti, simply add to boiling water and give it 10-12 minutes. I like mine soft but not overly soft. I want to be able to 'suck' it without it being too mushy. I'm not sure you can technically say 'suck spaghetti' - can you? LOL. Oh and by the way, I never put salt in my rice or spaghetti because I only have a small amount compared to the sauce and as you can imagine, the spice from the sauce totally overpowers the spaghetti so it's perfect for me!

This meal was amazing. My only disappointment is that it wasn't totally vegan as I genuinely thought I was buying vegan mince however it turned out it had some egg products in it. Nevertheless, it was beyond tasty and I not only ate it for dinner with some spaghetti, I also had it for breakfast the next day with some bread - a bit like beans on toast but a more healthier version. YUM!

Have you made something like this before? Was it vegetarian or with actual mince meat? If you haven't, do you think you might try this recipe? Please let me know in the comments below if you actually do and perhaps paste a picture and tag me on Instagram or Twitter. Also would you like to see some more recipes like this? Please do let me know in the comments below!

Lots of love,
J xo xo

Monday, July 18, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

Back from Canada, ha the most amazing time but that will be for another post where I share some pics with you (can't wait!). We all heard the sad news about the disturbing and somewhat recurring behaviour of the American police, resulting in the unnecessary loss of the precious lives of African Americans Alton Sterling and Philando Castile on two consecutive days. I heard the news whilst I was away and gosh cried, cried, cried. What a sad reality for humanity that this really is the world we live in. I was forced to speak out on this and this video below explains my thoughts.

Thank you to everyone who bothered to engage on my FB page where this video has almost 50,000 views and my youtube channel where the comments have been so very overwhelming. It is clear that people are affected by this on both sides of the debate. It gives me hope that there is so much good left in the world and that we can and we will overcome this.

Sending love to not just the families of those affected by the disaster but also to strangers like me who irrespective of their race has been deeply touched. My heart also goes out to the relatives of the five police officers who lost their lives as a result of this tragedy. Pray for them, pray for Nice, pray for you and me, pray for the world. There is no more room for hatred, we have had enough #BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter #WeAllMatter #WeAllDeserveMore.

Lots of love,
J xo xo

Thursday, June 23, 2016


Dear gorgeous person, you!

Today I'm sharing a personal favourite recipe. It's my take on what I think a bruschetta should be. It's extremely yummy and I genuinely think everyone should try this at least once. Bruschetta really can be what you make it and I like mine tasty, spicy and with different textures, which is exactly why I have settled on the ingredients below.

As mentioned in the video, The Polish Bakery had sent me some yummy goodies which also included cakes. In the beautiful package were some loaves of bread - Chia seed, Pumpkin seed and Rye bread. It's kinda the idea that if someone gives you lemons... hahaha! What a lemonade I made though because honestly, this really was the best bruschetta I had made yet - if I might say so myself.

Although I don't do "recipes" as such, I appreciate that it is useful to detail what my ingredients were and a step by step account of how I got to the finished product, hence as promised, here are the ingredients I used. You can see in the video how I don't measure anything, I simply add as much of everything as I feel is necessary. If you're a new cook, don't be afraid to do the same - you'll find your balance eventually and know exactly what you like.


White onions, spring (green) onions, shitake mushrooms, bean sprouts, chopped tomatoes, thinly slices tomatoes, eggs, avocado, sesame oil, rosemary, oregano, chopped garlic, chinese 5 spice, green chillis, cayenne pepper and maggi cubes.


Lightly heat the sesame oil in a frying pan/wok for a few minutes until it is hot enough to fry but not smoking. Brown your white and green onions for a few minutes until soft, add your mushrooms and bean sprouts and stir. Allow these to also brown for a few minutes. At this point, you can start spicing. The first thing I like to add is garlic. I used chopped garlic in the video but sometimes, I buy the bulb and use a clove of garlic, or two - depending on how big the meal is. Add oregano and some Chinese 5 spice and stir. The Chinese 5 spice and sesame oil are really what make this recipe. Most people make bruschetta the Italian way however these two ingredients turn your taste buds inside out by giving it a strong oriental taste! The beansprouts also add a bit of crunch which sends me into over-drive as I LOVE different textures in my food.

After a few minutes, add the chopped tomatoes and maggi cube (I only used one as it was a small meal). Be aware Maggi is very salty, you really don't need to add salt. Leave to fry for a further few minutes. Then add the avocado. You need to make sure you're not using an overly ripe avocado to avoid unnecessary mushiness.

To make things even more extra special, I added poached eggs to this recipe. Yuuuummmmm! Getting my mouth watered just thinking about this now!! At the end of the video, you can see my review of The Polish Bakery bread. I then 'toasted' the bread in the oven at 180degrees for about 7 minutes. My oven is quite aggressive so you may find you need longer in yours.

Layer as your heart desires. I put some sliced tomatoes on my toasted bread, then feta cheese, bruschetta and some coriander leaves to make it look pretty. Go crazy - sprinkle with red jalapeno peppers or sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, ground pepper - whatever!


Really hope this was useful and of course, if you do try this out please do let me know in the comments section below. Or perhaps you might have a bruschetta recipe that you swear by? If you have pictures or a video to share, even better.

Lots of love,
J xo xo