Sunday, December 13, 2015


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

I literally can't believe it's only Twelve days until Christmas! Excitinggg!!!! 

I'm sure by now, you've been to at least a few Christmas parties and you're probably desperately trying to catch up with friends before everyone goes off and does their own thing for the festive season. E and I are no different really. We've both been to our individual work Christmas parties - in my case, lunches - and two of them so far. Gosh, those all butter mince pies get me every time!!!

This catch up however, I was definitely looking forward to. Already, you know Swag and Nupur from two of my previous blogs Dinner with the Gangulys and NuGa Art Update. So I'd love to introduce you to their gorgeous kids Nishika, 6 and Sanil, 8. They are like little adults - so well behaved, very well spoken and beyond intelligent for their ages. Nishika is so smart and really funny too. She reminds me of a young me - very inquisitive, which can only be a good thing (if I might say so myself! hahaha). The picture below of Sanil is just so funny! No, that's not all for him to eat, it was just taken from across the table and made it seem like he ate all that and drank the beer too! Check out his pretty cool glasses, like his dad's.

Enter the lovely Claire! We went to her wedding earlier this year, where she just looked absolutely stunning. She is a very old friend of E's. They've known each other since their teens. She is such an amazing person - always up for meeting up and being involved. I've always thought about her as the friend that sticks by you, at college and all the way through university, even if you aren't the cool kid anymore. You know, the one that's always loyal and would never miss your dinner party even if it means being in a slightly awkward environment. She is there for you and that is that. It's a shame that we didn't capture a picture of her lovely husband Jon, who was definitely there at lunch with us.  I actually don't know how or why (sorry Jon).

Here are two pics of Jon and Claire at their fantastic wedding eight months ago. They're so made for each other - both awesome personalities that really do complement each other. Jon also happens to be a fabulous cook and I was trying to tempt him into taking pics of his food for an Instagram account. One thing is for sure, if he opens a restaurant, E and I will definitely be first in line - yes, his food is that amazing!!!

For our lunch catch up, we went to the Duke of Wellington pub, on Crawford street, a few minutes walk away from Marylebone station. The food was amazing beyond amazing. I had the Confit Duck Leg with red cabbage and mash potatoes in a lovely jus and literally I simply didn't want to speak to anyone whilst I was eating it. It was that good, I would have ordered some more for Sunday lunch the next day! I'm definitely going to go back there to visit.

It was so lovely catching up with these guys! Although they are originally E's friends, I feel like they are mine too. There's nothing quite like being in good company too. It always feels so special seeing them as we don't always get the opportunity to see each other often. Having the kids around is fantastic too. It makes me feel like it's something to look forward to when we have kids, if of course they are this well behaved!

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the joy on E's face? He always looks so happy when he's around his friends! Bless him. After such a tough year, it's lovely to see his amazing smile back. Melts my heart every time. He works so bloody hard so when he lets his hair down, it's so worth it. We have a couple more Christmas parties to attend and then we'll be in Uley spending time with E's family soon. 

What have you guys got planned for Christmas? I hope it's something that involves loved ones. Let me know in the comments below.

Lots of love,
xo xo

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