Sunday, October 04, 2015


Dear gorgeous person, you!

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Recently, I had the honour of being asked to chair the panel at the launch of The Girls’ Network, an organisation that helps young women from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve their goals by matching them up with successful female mentors from various professions. I have to say, considering how demanding we all know our individual jobs combined with family lives can be, it’s beyond generous for any modern day woman to volunteer to dedicate some of their precious time to a young woman they have only just met, for an entire year!

The Girls’ Net is the brain-child of Charly Young and Becca Dean who started up the organisation a few years ago when they were both teachers in London. They realized that a lot of the young girls they were teaching did not have the self belief or the network to achieve their goals, despite having fantastic aspirations. Hence, they decided to bridge the gap between these amazing young women and the already successful women they aspired to be. Safe to say the Girls Network has been growing from strength to strength since.

I was totally honoured to be part of the whole evening and at the very last minute, I asked my fantastic cameraman Elliott to come along and film it. I love what TGN stands for and I truly believe the world be a much better place if we all had mentors who reassured us at such tender but critical ages. Like Hollie (in the video), I certainly wouldn’t criticize myself so much. Efe (above) is one of the fantastic mentors. She also features in the video, speaking so passionately about her role as a mentor.

It was fantastic to also have my TV agent Phyllida Knight by my side the whole evening. I also happen to be wearing her cardigan over my dress as my dress' side zip actually broke just before the event! Embarrassing!!! However, I certainly did not let that hinder such a fabulous night. If I do get the opportunity in future, I would absolutely love to be part of The Girls Net again. Here's a BTS video I made specially for you. Hope you like.

Special thanks to my lovely friend Rae Duke who put me forward for chairing the panel. 

Lots of  love,

Xo xo

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