Friday, October 30, 2015


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

As promised in my Boxing and Dorset video, I wanted to share a few pics from E and I's Dorset trip. It was a much deserved break. As it currently stands, we never get to have a break due to both of our work commitments, so on the rare occasion that we do, it's very special. It was lovely to just be really relaxed without having to worry about work. Well, actually, I was blogging/vlogging throughout, hence the video but I certainly don't consider that work! 


We stayed at a lovely boutique hotel called The Bull. It was just that - lovely but not mind blowing. As soon as you walk in, you think WOW, OMG, the decor but then actually as time goes on you sorta think um the shower doesn't work that well or there was no practical space for your make up (woman priorities hey) - you know, the simple little things that make your stay beyond convenient. I've never stayed in a boutique hotel before so didn't quite know what to expect. On a more positive note, staff were beyond fantastic and very helpful, which pretty much made up for the slight lack in the accommodation. Nothing was ever too much for them. For example, they went above and beyond ensure our stay was to make me this yummy pre-ordered breakfast which was not on the menu and they did everything with a smile on their face. 

Staff at The Bull were also very kind, suggesting ideas of places to visit, which was really helpful as we checked in on a Thursday and checked out on Sunday, hence didn't have lots of time to explore. Because of this, we had the opportunity to visit a few places. One of the best days weather wise was the Friday where it simply felt like any other Summer's day - so beautiful and warm. We headed West from Bridport and stopped over at Golden Cap, Seatown where we walked up the hill (killer in flip flops - I so wasn't prepared) but the view at the top of the hill was beyond worth it.

We also visited some of the places E and his family used to visit when he was very likkle, such as Lyme Regis. He couldn't remember a lot but it was still very nice to be part of reliving the little he remembered. Get this - we actually had a lie down on the beach in actual summer clothes!!! In October, in England?-Yaaarrrsss!!! & it was beyond beautiful. I was so relaxed, I actually fell asleep!


Definitely one of my highlights and my most favourite place to eat during the entire trip. Such a hidden gem. Intimate and simple yet beyond amazing. I had a duck dish whilst E had a fish dish - below:

We also ate at another lovely place in Bridport called The Olive Tree. The presentation wasn't amazing but it actually tasted ridiculously good. They were a bit pricey though but certainly worth it. 

I did promise you a lot of pics and so here are some of the other pics from the weekend when we visited the local harbour and neighbouring towns like Sidmouth and Beer. I couldn't possibly discuss them all, so enjoy!

I have officially popped my cherry of finally holidaying in Britain. I can genuinely say I really did enjoy the weekend and now feel I should explore English seasides more often. Have you ever been to Bridport? Where did you stay? Did you enjoy it? Do you go on holiday in Britain a lot? Do let me know in the comments section below. 

Lots of love,
xo xo 

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