Monday, October 19, 2015

Dear gorgeous person, you!


I hope you’ve had a really lovely weekend and what better way to start the week than injecting some positivity into your Monday. We can all totally appreciate what the current job situation is in the country, especially within television where most people are freelancers and your CV could potentially be the ‘make or break’ first impression.

In previous blogs and vlogs, I have talked about The TV Collective and this is because a lot of what I have learnt about working in television has come from Simone Pennant (TVC founder, pictured above, proudly rocking her TVC shirt) and the TV executives I have had the opportunity to meet at her events. Having worked in the TV industry for many years, there is no doubt Simone has an enviable network of contacts who kindly give up their  precious time to have coffee mornings or lunches with those aspiring to, and already work within television.

When Simone announced Michelle Matherson, Production Talent Exec from Shiver was going to be attending a coffee morning, there was no way I would have missed that for the world. I have a friend that works within Shiver – Aida Fatemi. I introduced her to you when we worked together on a project, filming and editing an episode of my vegan journey in December last year. She works on couples' Come Dine With Me. I admire her so much, she loves her job and seems very happy there. It's amazing how Shiver have taken CDWM and refreshed it every time, considering it's been running for such a long time. It's a very addictive show and I'll never get tired of. I told Aida Michelle was coming down and she literally said Michelle's the most amazing woman ever. Just as expected, Aida was right. Michelle was really approachable, full of advice and just totally upfront with her advice.

Simone kindly allowed me to make a video reporting BTS for the event – something I’ve always wanted to do as I literally feel like TVC is the best kept secret in the TV industry.

What I loved the most about Michelle was her patience. Despite giving so many useful tips during the event, she really did spend time with everyone afterwards – one on one, going through specific points and concerns each person had. Michelle also kindly said she is more than happy for people to email her and where possible, she’ll have coffee with people for further tips and advice.

For those struggling with CVs, Michelle gives her 5 Top Tips in the video below as well as some generous extras, so please do watch.

Don’t forget to have a look at The TVCollective’s website for further details on when the next event will be. If you’re unable to make it, certainly don’t worry as I’ll always take my camera for BTS pics and hopefully more videos to come your way too. Remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel and blog so you don’t miss out entirely.

Have you been struggling with CVs? Have the above tips helped? Do you have any further tips that you feel other people could benefit from? Please do let me know in the comments section below.

As always, lots of love,
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