Thursday, September 03, 2015


Dear gorgeous person, you!

As per my last blog, earlier that day, I had been filming a video with fellow presenter Rae Duke in Soho, trekked across to Piccadilly for a meeting with Fudge Jarcheh and then carried my huge heavy bag of filming equipment over to White city - all in heels. It was raining and I had got a bit lost trying to find the venue. I was sweating like a mofo and whenever I'm late to something, that usually makes me pretty nervous. I was even more nervous to meet Isaac Densu - Channel 4's Commissioner for Shorts.


Meeting Isaac was to be at a TV Collective event. Sure you've heard me mention TVC quite a lot by now. If you want to work in television and you don't know about them, then you need to! Simone Pennant - TVC founder is amazing. She aims to link the people who currently work pretty high up in TV to people like me who are looking to get a foot in the door - and my oh my, does she do that really well. She actively gets all the guest speakers to network with members at her events - so even if you feel you're naturally a socially awkward person - trust me, no one will notice because everyone is there to network - with ZERO shame :) 

Once my nerves had calmed down a bit, I was very excited to listen to Isaac's talk and was hoping to speak with him afterwards too. I had been wondering for a while if my feature length documentary ideas would work as shorts on Channel 4. I have always admired Channel 4 shorts, particularly because they push the boundaries, a lot more than you would see on TV. Perhaps it might be because they have the added advantage of being online, hence have less boundaries/rules but Channel 4 as a network/broadcaster have always been that way inclined - reporting on things that you wouldn't normally see on a lot of mainstream channels - or sometimes when you do, it's bubble wrapped.


The event was held at Ugli Campus in White City on the 19th of August. Isaac was giving us a masterclass on 'Monetising online content'. He talked about everything from how youtubers get paid, favouring websites like Reddit over Twitter, utilising 'Start - ups', getting commissions, collaborating with your peers even down to the unthinkable - yes - we hear celebs do it too - 'buying views for your videos'. I couldn't possibly shrink down everything Isaac said into one blog but maybe one day I'll be able to get him to repeat it on camera for you, as in like a joy-de-vivre interview (I totally wish!). I learnt so much from Isaac and I was extremely humbled by his modesty. Considering who he is, he rocked up in a down-to-earth casual outfit and spoke to all of us like friends he had met before. He was very patient with answering everyone's questions during the event and he so kindly stuck around to meet and greet people afterwards.


One of the best things about going to a TVC event is that despite the fact they they're always sold out, Simone tends to keep things pretty intimate, making it a lot easier for you to get to meet the guest speaker. I was really keen to see what Isaac would think of my documentary ideas but I knew I would only have a few minutes with him so I chose one that I thought might be right up his street.

I know this sounds really corny but it was quite a proud moment for me, meeting Isaac... and no I'm not ashamed to say that! I loved that he was genuinely interested to hear what everyone had to say.  I patiently waited my turn in the queue (he is a very popular man you know) but when I eventually had my opportunity, I introduced myself and was quick to pitch my documentary series idea to him. He loved it and asked me to email it to him - so I did, the very next day. Isaac emailed back without hesitation saying he is still interested in the idea and suggested ways of improving it. What followed was a series of emails and a phone call.

Waaaa! Let's all just take a moment here - a phone call to Isaaac Densu - Channel 4 commissioner for Shorts - ahuh, yes, we spoke on the phone. Ok sorry for making this a big deal but I can never forget where I've come from. All those years of admiring people who work in telly, dreaming about meeting them one day - and maybe even becoming one of them - creatively writing, pitching & presenting documentary ideas - now it's slowly happening - pardon me for feeling a little overwhelmed.

So my idea is still a working progress and you will definitely be the first to know when there is something to share.

Isaac was not just kind to me, he was to everyone he met that evening. I would like to take a moment to thank Simone Pennant for putting on such amazing TV events and really bridging the gap between the high flying bosses in media and people like me. LMAO I sound like I just won an Oscar 'I would like to take a moment to thank...' haha!

For more TVC events, make sure you check out the website. For those of you that can't attend, I will always have my camera with me so don;t worry, you wouldn't have missed out completely.

Lots of love,
xo xo

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