Saturday, September 12, 2015


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

Living in London is 'all go' - it really is. An amazing city, full of life, new places to go, people to see and so much to do! Although E and I feel like we are making the most of London, there are a few things we could definitely do more of, like meeting up with friends. The trouble is when you have so many - who have exciting lives of their own, getting a date in the diary is so difficult! 


These two are the most beautiful couple ever! E has known Swag for years now. They met whist studying at Cambridge University and have stayed very close ever since. When I first met Nupur, I remember thinking she was stunning - just stunning! She's such a lady too - always glowing and looking so calm and collected, like she has her shit together! How she does that with two kids I don't know. That's exactly what I want to be like (cool, calm and collected) but unfortunately, I'm not that organised. Whilst Swag works in finance (I actually don't know exactly what he does but until recently, they were Abbey Clancy and Peter Crouch's neighbours so that might give you an idea), Nupur deals in art and she runs NuGa Art - they hold a lot of amazing exhibitions/events all over the country so I would definitely recommend a click if art is your thing.


Swag and Nupur's beautiful kids were away for the weekend at their grandparents' and so they took the opportunity to have an adult night. When they asked us, we were all over it!!! We haven't seen them since Claire's wedding in April! So hell yer - we were in! They suggested one of their favourite Indian restaurants,  a stone throw from Bond street called Roti Chai and oh maa gaaa my taste buds died and went to Heaven!!! Food was amazing! I mean like when Indian people take you to an Indian restaurant, expect nothing short of excellence and I tell ya - this definitely did not disappoint.


I actually ordered fish - I'm currently learning to eat fish and I've quickly found out some people could get it so wrong and understandably, I was a bit sceptical at first but gosh it was so freaking good! We all had a bit of each other's too. I love when you can go out with friends and you just 'order to the table' - so you individually order what you really want but then everyone's food is your food and Indian food is perfect for sharing - I suppose it wouldn't work with something like Spaghetti Bolognese :)

If you're ever in Central London or you simply fancy just treating a friend or partner, trust me this is where you want to go! Aside from the food, it was absolutely amazing to see Swag and Nupur. Can't wait to attend the next NuGa exhibition in Mayfair next week. If I'm allowed, I'll probably take my camera and share it with you guys too so fear not. 

Have you been to any lovely Indian restaurants recently? Perhaps outside London or even England? E and I love to try out people's recommendations when we visit places - we literally live by other people's reviews. Would also be interesting to know if you have had any terrible Indian restaurant experiences. So please, do spill in the comments section below.

Lots of love,
xo xo

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