Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Dear gorgeous person you, 

Back in March, my lovely friend Ruth and I made this video below. In it we talked about our plans to begin our fitness journey. Despite the title of the video "I feel happier when I'm skinny", we made it very clear it's not about being skinny, it's about being healthy - and I'm proud to say we've stuck to that.

Ruth and I have been getting fit in our own different ways. As it is summer, I have slowly given up on the gym and decided to pursue more exciting ways of getting fit... and from now on, I've decided to share everything I'm doing with you! I'm attending free fitness classes all over London and will share how you can get involved too! I'll also share what I've been eating and how I plan on keeping it all up. 

I've noticed a huge change in my mentality and fitness level. I have more of a 'can do' attitude, despite having always been an outdoor-phobe! My weight hasn't changed drastically though. I started off around 12st 6lbs and as of this morning, I'm 11st 10lbs so not a huge amount of weight loss considering the time frame but I'm very pleased with that because I know the numbers on the scales don't matter. The most important thing for me is that I've lost 10% of my body fat and gained 9% muscle mass!!! Remember 'muscle weighs a heck lot more than fat' so let's build up that muscle - don't be afraid of it!

You might wonder why I have so many pictures of me in this one outfit! Well, if you watched the video above, you will hear me talking about fitting into my playsuits! This is one of them!!! I haven't worn this since last summer and ermmm OMG!!! I'm so so so so happy! I finally fit into it. I think I still have a bit to go before I can be absolutely comfortable in it but pretty pleased this is one big step towards success.

Make sure you stick with me. I'll be tailoring a lot of my content towards health, fitness and food. You will literally be right at the heart of everything I'm doing/eating etc. I'll discuss my struggles too as so far, it hasn't been an easy road so I'm not expecting it to get any easier.

If you have any suggestions too about places to work out, things to eat and so on, please leave your comments below and I promise to get back to you! Happy summer everyone.

Lots of Love, 
xo xo 

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