Tuesday, July 07, 2015


Dear gorgeous person you!

Don't worry, you're not imagining things - there wasn't another VegFest this year! This post is a little late and for that, I apologise. As you know, I initially did a 22 day vegan challenge which resulted in me filming my documentary series 'Joy Does Veganuary' - you can watch all the videos here.

VegFest happened on the 28th and 29th of March in Brighton and I was invited by the lovely Anneka Svenska. I went with my best friend from college - Bedi. It was a road-trip to Brighton and we both made this video to share our experience with you.

Here are a few pics we took. We bumped into a few familiar faces like 'Ms Cupcake' - very popular vegan cake shop in Brixton also featured in 'Joy Does Veganuary' - you can watch that video here. Also bumped into the beautiful Tomi from 'The Vegan Nigerian' - she writes a lovely blog featuring an array of Nigerian food and how to enjoy vegan options. Bedi and I really enjoyed our first VegFest experience and hopefully we'll go again next year.

Have you ever been to any other Vegfest or did you go this year? Do let me know what your experience was in the comments section below.

Lots of love,
xo xo

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