Sunday, July 26, 2015


Dear gorgeous person, you!

Really hope you all have been having a lovely summer. If you live in London, they you'll know this weekend has been pretty crazy depressing in terms of the weather! It's been raining cats and dogs! However, we have no ground to stand on in terms of complaining because in the past few weeks, we've had some amazing weather. So you may have seen my BBQ blog, in which case you would know that Ian unfortunately couldn't be there. We were really looking forward to joint-hosting our first BBQ together especially as we moved into our new flat last summer. Blessed with a garden as big as the flat itself, we're planning on taking every opportunity to make the most of the sunshine. So here are some pics from over the past few weekends when we did just that.

We haven't spent all the time in our garden of course. When we can, we've made the most of the day by going to fares, dining out and enjoying everything else London has to offer. Here we are below dining at the newly refurbish Dulwich Woodhouse in Crystal Palace.

And for my birthday, E so very kindly treated me to a lovely meal at The Jones' Family Project in Shoreditch. This place was amazing with ridiculously good food. I was too busy being spoilt, happy and cherishing the moment that I only ended up taking a few pics.

I have to say E and I have really enjoyed soaking up the sun in each other's company this summer - as with the other two summers we've had together of course. However, having a bit if outdoor space has made it even more special! Here's to many more summers to come :) 

Lots of Love, 
xo xo 

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