Monday, June 22, 2015


Hey gorgeous person you,

So this happened a few weeks ago. Although if you have liked my FB page or follow me on Twitter, you would know this already. My FB and Twitter pages get all the pics before Instagram. I’m working on that though. The problem I have with Instagram is that I haven’t figured out a way to upload from my laptop which is where I have all my photos. Since I got my DSLR, I no longer use my phone to take pics so it’s a lot of hassle to upload pics to Insta – sorry!

Wanted to share these lovely pics with you! There I was supporting my lovely friend Sharlette at a Pop Revue night organised by SEB Collective. It was a totally spectacular evening with absolutely amazing acts and Sharlette was no exception.

I purposely didn’t look up any of the other artists because I wanted to be pleasantly surprised but it was definitely a bit more than that. I was lucky enough to witness these amazing girls below called CherryBomb. They are ridonculous LIVE! Gosh – they sing like I’ve never heard a girl band sing before – ever! I had to go congratulate them afterwards and we took this pic below. Pretty sure I will be seeing them soon for #DigMusic.

I also had the pleasure of bumping into Joey and Sterling from Rough Copy – you remember them from The X-Factor a few years ago. I was outside the venue – Freedom Bar in Soho waiting for one of my best friends - Marcus when I saw them walk in and for the life of me, I couldn’t place their familiar faces so in true joy style, I had to ask. Luckily, the boys weren't offended. Instead, the humbly introduced themselves and shook my hand. We all had an amazing night and then these pics happened.

Sterling and Joey were so ridiculously loud all the way through. If Rough Copy are around, you definitely know about it, although Kaz who I didn't have the pleasure of speaking to seemed a little on the quieter side compared. They made so much noise because of this one guy – their friend they came to support – Derry Mensah and in my mind, I was like “I bet he’s not actually that good!”

However, I was about to eat my own words when Derry got on stage! I was like OHMAAGAA!!!!!!!! He’s stunning and literally sings like two of my favourite artists (Trey Songz and Usher) put together but even better!! He has this R&B tone to his voice that had me on my feet the whole time! EVERYONE in the room was on their feet – dancing. I haven’t danced to real R&B like that since my uni days and I loved Derry just for that because it brought back memories of me being on the dance floor with my uni friends all those many years ago! I really do hope he is that UK artist that brings R&B back to the charts without selling out.

Derry has already had his taste of fame as one fourth of ‘The Risk’ – the most booked boy band to come out of the X-factor and I will be telling you more about him in a different blog which will include a vlog we both made following this Pop Revue night. So make sure you keep an eye out.

Another amazing artist who was there was Nevamis. I’ve seen him perform live before but this time around, I was so enchanted watching him that I didn’t manage to take a good picture (sorry Nevamis). I spent a chunk of the evening catching up with him and his ever so beautiful girlfriend and I’m sure one day we’ll feature him on Dig Music too.

Make sure you check all the artists I mentioned above out online. Also make sure you keep an eye on Pop Revue and Seb Collective’s twitter pages – they always have amazing gigs with ridiculously talented artists you definitely wanna see live!

Here are a few other pics from the night. Don't you just love the bold pink outfit Rochelle is in? Along with Sam who is a little shy and doesn't like publicity, Rochelle co-organises Pop Revue so make sure you follow her on Twitter here.

Lots of love,
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