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Dear gorgeous person you! 

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As you know, my last post began with an apology... and in true 'joy style', that was almost one month ago! So here we go again - I'm SO sorry for slacking with posts! The truth is there's been so much going on in my life - mostly good things, especially with media, that I feel like I'm being pulled in various directions and hardly have any time to just breathe! *Deep breath*

But dontcha worry - I'm back to regular posting now. I have to say, I have felt a little overwhelmed this week as it has been my 'catch up' week, hence had to watch my video about 'How not to feel overwhelmed' a few times this week. Yes, I do watch my own videos - and yes, it did help.


To keep media fresh and interesting, I let people know when I have a free couple of hours, weekend or even a day to help out on their projects even if it means working for free. What a star! I met Kai after I applied for his advert looking for a presenter on StarNow. Kai is actually a student and he'd written this amazing piece about exploring diversity in London through looking at the different types of street food made available by various ethnicities. I thought it was a fantastic concept and so I applied sending Kai my showreel. Soon after, Kai got back to me saying I had the part! I was pretty pleased actually as the piece had everything I loved - food, London, diversity, culture and presenting!! haha.

The first day of filming was a Saturday, we met at Borough station and although I haven't filmed with students before, I was somehow expecting Kai to have a mini hand-held camera and not have much of an idea about working with presenters but to my shock - my prejudice was shot right down! Yes - shame on me!! Kai rocked up with a Canon 7D, kitted out with a boom rode mic and a few other high tech tings. He was as professional as it got, worked like an industry pro yet very open to my ideas and suggestions - pretty impressive!


As well as Borough Market, we filmed at some pretty impressive places like Dalston, Covent Garden, and China Town - covering foods from the Caribbean, Poland, Turkey, China and India. My favourite definitely remains this lovely lady Mrs Kopala whose story I tell in the video from '8.47' - she is an amazing woman and oh boy was she very excited about us filming. She has this absolutely contagious laughter and she was so happy to be part of the documentary, despite only knowing about five minutes in advance. It's no surprise that her shop Polsmak (Balls Pond Rd) is so successful. She is not short of customers, a lot of whom aren't even Polish. Everything is so cheap as well. If you don't live in Dalston, they deliver to all areas of London and it's free if you order over £40. Simply amazing. Check out their website here.


The media industry can be so frustrating, difficult to get into, initially unpaid and literally just makes you wanna throw everything out the window and screeaaammmm. God knows I feel like that sometimes. Hence, it was so lovely to see Kai's dad and grandad on the shoot.

Kai's dad was there every step of the way, supporting Kai - he was boom operator, assistant PD, autocue operator, sound guy, runner and most importantly our wallet for the weekend haha. He was such a gentleman, he paid for taxis between locations and everything else we needed. He made it clear I was his priority - he made sure I had water, food etc and if I wasn't happy about anything - he sorted it out straight away. On day 2 of the shoot, he even brought his swanky VW 4 x 4 to drive us around the city. He is a high flying exec for VW HQ so I wasn't expecting anything less flash.

Kai's grandad (Mr Eric Huntley) tagged along for the first half of day two and boy was he charming. He also stars in the documentary - you can see him from '5:13' talking to me about the Windrush Generation and Caribbean food. I enjoyed doing this interview so much. Off camera, he was just as lovely and well spoken as you see in the vid. Mr Huntley was so down to earth, happy to help and you can tell he is a very intelligent man who is really passionate about what he does. In case you missed it from the video, he is Chairperson of the Ealing Windrush Consortium, amongst other  very interesting things. He made me promise to keep in touch and of course I will.

After filming, Kai, his dad and I made a vlog together (I will put this on my Youtube channel in the next few days). It had been a weekend of hard work and it just showed that when people who may not know each other come together with the same primary goal, anything could be achieved. I also hear Kai's tutors LOVE the vid.

I'd like to end this blog by saying a huge thanks to Kai and his family for making this a pleasant experience... and thanks for the bottle of wine too - that was a total surprise and a very sweet gesture! :) Kai - I'm pretty sure one day, you'll make an excellent PD.

Thank you guys for reading too. Lots more posts to come so please keep an eye out.

Lots of love,
xo xo 

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