Sunday, May 10, 2015


Dear gorgeous person you! 

I'm terribly sorry I have been slacking on blogging lately. In the past few weeks, so much seems to have been going on and somehow, I've been lacking a little bit of motivation to do anything - gym and blogging alike.

If you have subscribed to my Youtube channel (thanks btw), if not, please click subscribe right now. Here is a link to all 4 vlogs I made with some of my new friends at Pinewood Studios when we attended a TV Presenters training course by TTA. Following on from that, I thought I should share some of the pics from the week with you!

Huge thanks to our lovely trainer Simon Davies who is a presenter in his own right and has done some amazing things. You may remember him from Tikkabilla a while back. He was very encouraging and always made time to give constructive feedback. A little bit cheeky though giving us an email that doesn't work - we still haven't forgiven him for that.

Here's Tony Hindhaugh who runs the course. He's such a ladies man but it's so easy to see why. He can be pretty serious and scary at times when he goes into 'director' mode but then bursts out into a playful mood and has this way of making people feel very comfortable around him. He doesn't mess about though - gives you good constructive feedback - not the brown nosing type haha!

Aside from helping me reinforce my confidence as a presenter, the best thing about the course was making some amazing new friends especially this cute face here - Nicola Duffell (pic below) - love her to bits! Shame she lives all the way in Brighton but we'll be getting together soon to make a vlog so watch out for that. She also happens to be an amazing natural presenter and I have no doubt you will be seeing her on your TV screens soon!!! Check out the blog Nicola and I made on Day 2 of the course here.

Talib (below) was the shy guy who very quickly after doing co-presenting with me, came right out of his shell and just won everyone's hearts with his 'too cool for school' attitude! I took this pic of him in the canteen and oh boy I'm so proud of that shallow depth of field! #CameraGeekMe

Enter Gabby - the hottie of our group! She's so hot and gosh she know it! She also happens to be brilliant on TV. Damn her! Girl works really hard for her body though - fire-breathing, teaching some killer abs/core classes and working her butt off! She literally eats burgers and chips and still looks like that - bi*ch! :) She also models tights on YT so check her out online - Gabrielle Taylor. This is such a cute pic of her and Nicola I took. I blogged with both Gabby and Nicola on Day 1 - see the video here.

Gosh Patrick (left below) - travelled all the way from Brum and is just so lovely. He is literally the guy next door. He is passionate about TV  and is often so hard on himself but he doesn't need to be because he's actually quite good! Check out the vlog I made with him and Gabby on day 4 here. Standing next to Patrick in the pic below is Deep - the 'class clown' - he made everyone laugh so hard with his inappropriate jokes but he is such a lovely guy. I love his care-free attitude to life. When he focuses, he's actually brilliant on camera! He'll be remembered for ordering quite a lot of food and bottles of wine on the last day after shooting and leaving £80 towards the bill! Think it's because he fancied Nicola to be honest!

Here's the beautiful Alicia - very well spoken and she's so freaking confident in front of the camera. She's just come back from a tour and she talks about that in the vlog we made together on day 3. You can watch that here.

Alicia's with Terry (below). He's done a lot of presenting on Nigerian channels and is actually going back in a week or so. He's into his factual/politics etc. He is so so passionate about working in TV and I just LOVE his willingness to learn. He's a gentleman and a half and when totally shocked everyone when he told us how old he is. Let's just say some people have AMAZING genes!!!!!!

By the way, if you wish to see some more of this cute doggy that came to visit us in the studio, have a look on my FB page in my timeline photo album - LOTS of very very cute pics. Whilst you're at it, please 'like' my FB page too :) xx

Last but certainly not least is Gul - I liked calling her the mummy of the group. This amazing woman went off to have three kids and is back with a bang to TV. She is so funny even when she doesn't need to be. Very serious about TV and I'm so proud of her.

As you can see we had a lovely array of characters. I totally enjoyed getting to know this bunch for a week! I will make a video blog soon about how I felt about the course in general so please keep an eye on my YT channel. In the meantime, do let me know if you have been on one of these courses and what you thought or perhaps if you're planning on going and need some advice.

Lots of love,
xo xo

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