Monday, April 06, 2015


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

Hope everyone had a lovely Easter. Just wanted to share what Ian and I were up to. You all know I come from a huge family and now, it's expanding even more with all the tiny tots popping up - the next generation of Ogudes. Check out this heavenly picture of my little niece Ruby and my godson Mason - ahhhh I wanna eat them both! SO SO CUTE!!!!

I'm so proud of my family and although there are now so many of us, we do try to make an effort to meet up every now and again - especially big occasions like Easter. Here are a few pics I took. Notice how I'm practising my depth of field thing with my camera quite a lot in these pics. I'm starting to love photography.

My mumma bless her was an angel throughout. She's the solid rock behind my whole family. She was on her feet all weekend, making sure not only were we all well-fed, but that we all had enough food to take home to our various houses! This is the best bit for Ian and I - we love our Nigerian food mum always gives us. Check mum out below photo-bombing Tammy and I's pic below - she was right at the heart of cooking at this point yet she still looks fabulous!

Here's my cute nephew Fabian who was being so very shy and a bit of a cheeky cry baby all weekend and wouldn't leave his mum or dad's side. I just about managed to get one picture with him all weekend and that was it. Here he is with my brother (his daddy), his mum Stacey and with my dad too!

 We also baked a cheesecake and we made a vlog which I will put on my youtube channel soon.

Ian and I cooed over Mason all weekend, he was so good and gave everyone cuddles - we need all the practise we can get, considering mum and dad wouldn't stop putting pressure on us to have kids of our own! haha. Also below is my cute lil brother and I who I'm so very proud of. Love him to bits.

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Lots of love as always,
xo xo

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