Sunday, March 22, 2015


Dear gorgeous person, you!
You may have seen my last blog post. I was in Birmingham to meet with some of my closest friends, celebrating two of our bffs joint birthday party.

It is an unspoken tradition amongst my friends that after every night out, we have breakfast together. This was never officially discussed but it's become the expected norm. No problem at all for me as being a tee-total, I never get a hangover anyway!

So we trotted along to Gourmet Burgers as no where else will let us in that early in the morning for breakfast. We had a proper chance to catch up and see everyone semi-sober and in daylight which was nice, considering it was a flying visit. This is what happened!

I'm sorry let us take a moment to appreciate how beautiful Jaudat is (left in pic below). This woman literally has no make up on yet she looks amazeballs! Like how is she single???

Who has burgers and salad for brekkie anyway? Clearly us, and it was amazing! Wish you were there!

xo xo

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