Sunday, March 08, 2015


Dear gorgeous person, you! 

Whilst I still wouldn't consider myself 100% vegan, I pretty much eat and cook mostly vegan meals now. So a few days ago, my lovely friends who also happen to be sisters but look nothing alike - Ruth and Lizzy came to visit. It's the first time they were seeing our new flat and the first time I was cooking them a vegan meal so understandably, I was a little nervous.

We all grew up as neighbours back in Nigeria and went to the same schools, had the same friends etc so like me these girls are converted omnivores from birth! But unlike me, they've never considered eating vegan! I managed to convince them to eat a 3course vegan meal and this video was the result. 

As promised in the video, here are the details to what I actually cooked. Forgive me for not taking enough pictures - I found it difficult to cook, vlog and take pictures at every stage as I really wanted to be a good host and create a natural atmosphere for the girls to relax in.

STARTER: Bruschetta

- The bread was a seeded Sainsbury's fresh loaf which I cut in thick slices and we toasted (could have been grilled but I got lazy). We spread 'Pure' vegan butter on it - so nice and light. The topping consisted of:
- Spring and white onions
- Chopped tomatoes
- Yellow, Green and Red Peppers
- Spiced with Rosemary, Maggi seasoning, Chilli and all fried in light olive oil for a few minutes.

MAIN: Falafel and Potato Curry with Rice or Couscous and a side dish of Gobi Matar

We all had the falafel and potato curry which was such yummy goodness full if amazing flavours. I have listed the primary ingredients below but unlike baking, I feel cooking should be done to individual tastes so I never advise on quantities. Feel free to use as much or as little of each ingredient as you want:

Falafel & Potato Curry:

- White onions
- Spring onions
- Chopped tomatoes
- Zucchini
- Sweet Peppers (Yellow/Red/Orange)
- Falafel
- White potatoes.

Gobi Matar:
- Peas
- Cauliflower
- Coconut milk
- White onions

Both dishes were spiced with :
- Fresh coriander, fresh parsley, turmeric, maggi cubes, chilli powder, garlic, ginger and mixed herbs

As mentioned in the video, we all had various desserts. I'm so sorry I didn't take a picture but by this time, we had been having so much fun and I was absolutely tired.

Lizzy had a green smoothie with mango. Blended in the Nutribullet, this had:
- Green grapes, Spinach, Green Apple, Mango and Swedish Glaze ice cream

Ruth had a bowl of fresh fruit with blueberry alpro yoghurt spread over it. Her fresh fruit included:
- Strawberries, Melons, Green Grapes and Mangoes.

I had exactly the same as Lizzy's but with rasberries and blueberries hence the colour of my smoothie was red.

Just because we could, we also had some vegan cookies, shortbreads and chocolate fudge with tea whilst we watched a movie!

It was a beautiful end to a lovely day! The girl's didn't leave until very late at night and I think I managed to convince them that you can eat a vegan meal that's healthy, hearty and yummy! If you do use any of these 'recipes', do let me know in the comments below and I will be happy to help further should you need exact guidance! :)

Lots of love,

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