Thursday, March 05, 2015


Dear gorgeous person you! 

This week, I've been off from my Physio job and two days ago, I found myself with not a lot in the calendar which is quite rare as I tend to fill up my spare time with media whenever I can. I decided to go back to WAHACA in Canary Wharf to have a bite to eat!

I ordered this amazing Sonora salad in all it's glory. I first had it at this same branch of Wahaca when I was doing my vegan challenge and I remember saying to Ian - it's the best salad ever!! This branch is right in the heart of Canary Wharf - literally 2minutes walk from the station. It overlooks the ground where the outdoor winter ice rink used to be. Based on the second floor, the views are so beautiful if you're lucky enough to be sat by the window.

Just before you go in, you get this lovely sink where you can wash your hands which is a nice touch, considering you may have been traveling on the underground! 


Inside, the decor is beautiful but unfortunately, I suppose due to the time of day I went (lunch time), it was a little bit dead. To be honest though, I didn't mind so much as I could take pictures without invading customers' privacies whilst they ate. Staff were really lovely and accommodating. Just like last time, they were all so very friendly. 

As the pics above show, the food was absolutely amazing. I would go back there but will probably order something else as surprisingly, there's SO MUCH on the menu including lots of vegan alternatives which is nice to see.

Sonora salad ingredients: Avacado, Pumpkin seeds, British organic spelt, Cos lettuce in a crispy Tortilla bowl with Black bean and Corn salsa - all for £7.50.  Last time (in Decemeber 2014), I ordered it without the tortilla bowl and it looked like this below. After eating, we went ice skating which was lovely. On both occasions, I ordered a side dish of Sweet potato chunks - at about £3.50 each, I thought it was a little pricy but very yummy! 

These are so unrelated but I found these in the shopping centre in Canary Wharf - just downstairs from Wahaca. Thought they were cute so took some pics for you!

I'd definitely recommend the Sonora salad to anyone or just Wahaca as a restaurant for lunch or dinner. The manager was brilliant and kindly agreed to let me take as many photos as I wanted but what I would have loved was to get the chef on film, making a sonora salad. What a shame the woman at the head office declined this as it's a brilliant restaurant but could really benefit from people knowing where they are as they're kinda hidden and you have to know where you're going, in order to find them. Plus to be fair, they could do with the extra free marketing as the restaurant was kind of empty. Don't want you lovely people missing out on good food, do I?

Lots of Love,
xo xo