Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Dear gorgeous person you!

So, I've been in denial for way too long now. As much as I get excited about Christmas, this year, I have somehow been refusing to believe that Christmas is nigh! I think it's because 2014 seems to have come and gone way too quickly *sigh* so many good memories though.

So anyway, the time has come for those xmas party invites from friends before everyone goes away to do their own thing with their families. So last Saturday, Ian & I got invited to Rich (Ian's best friend) and his stunning wife Sherree's. The party was hosted at their lovely house in SW London and of course - here are some of the pics from the evening. The two pics above are of Ian and Rich - so much bromance on the night man - or perhaps maybe it was all that wine :) By the way, I promise you - I stayed true to my vegan roots throughout the party *Thumbs up for me*

Ian, Sherree & Farmer
Vicky & Sherree - I love this pic sooooo much! Too cute

I loved the subtle touch of Christmas that Rich and Sherree had done all over the house - it felt very christmas-y without being at all OTT. I had to take a pic of this gorgeous tree! It's so beautifully decorated and totally complements the size of the living room. Ian and I had been thinking about getting a Christmas tree but had not yet had the chance to, so after seeing this stunner, we were like oh yes - we definitely need one!!

Check out Verity - she's getting married like soon. She looks gorgeous! At first, I thought she was wearing a christmas jumper but that's just a top! I also found out that she has entered the same winter run as Ian and I. Rich is doing it too and we managed to convince Farmer and his lovely wife Vicky to enter, at this xmas party. They are all natural runners so no pressure at all hey! #GodWhatHaveIGotMyselfInto

Speaking of how the run is going, I managed to run 3k this weekend just gone so I now need to run 3x that in um 6weeks!!! Sorry, for those of you who do not know, I'm running 10k for cancer research on the 1st of Feb - you may think it's no problem for a physio but that's not the sort of physio I am - I like my comfort and do not do outdoors, running, mud etc. Don't worry, I will keep you up to date with training etc - so far, not a lot going on except I am starting to realise that me and the great outdoors can be friends and there isn't anything to be afraid of as such! Haha.

Make sure you stick with me here on my blog as well as my YouTube Channel for video updates. In the next week, I will bring you an official update on how my vegan journey is going. Thanks for reading and please don't forget to post your comments below.

Lots of love,
xo xo

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