Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Dear gorgeous person you,

So as you know I am gearing up for Veganuary (can't wait to share some exciting news about this by the way). Recently, I have been posting pictures of my yummy vegan meals to my Instagram page and I keep getting asked for recipes. Darlings, I am totes stocked that you are all interested but I'm from a Nigerian family, unfortunately we don't do recipes. Instead, we just throw things together... I mean, like seriously.

This is one of the amazing things I love about cooking - don't be afraid to be creative. Get inspiration from people but feel free to throw your own stuff together, just like I did with this Quinoa and Sweet Potato salad.


Literally cannot do without these five key ingredients combined with my leafy greens when making any kind of salad: Olives, Cherry tomatoes, Yellow Peppers (can be green or red), Beetroot and Avacado

So just how do you go from this sad looking salad....

To this bad boy...

Okay here's how... I mixed my lonely looking boring green lettuce with all my core ingredients - peppers, tomatoes, olives and avacado...

Already the mixture looks great and yes, I could have stopped there but I try as much as possible to have a balanced meal and so for protein in this meal I had Quinoa. Sometimes I have cashew nuts and almonds - yum! Oh I also had a Bulgar wheat, chickpeas and quinoa mix lying half open in the fridge so I wacked that in too - no waste here! 

For those who've never seen this before, just to show you what both look like. Quinoa is on the left and the Bulgar wheat, right. They're both grainy looking and the latter is slightly softer to chew. I've also put some close up pics below.

 For carbs - oven baked/roasted sweet potatoes. I have been craving this all weekend.

And just because I could, I added 2 dollops of Cranberry Sauce! Oh yes! Definitely added an extra something!

And there you have it - my made up sweet potato and quinoa salad. You can call me Joy 'Genius of Salad' Ogude haha. Really though, it's so easy, you could do this in your sleep. Now go make your own and be sure to post your gorgeous pics in the comment section below.

Lotsa love,
xo xo

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