Saturday, December 13, 2014


Dear gorgeous person you! 

Through the lovely Clea Grady at Veganuary, I was fortunate enough to find out about Sean aka Fat Gay Vegan, check out his blog here. He is extremely popular on the London Vegan scene. He organises amazing events like coach trips (one coming up on the 21st of Dec. Buy tickets here) and all other forms of meet ups.

Two days ago, I found out about his Christmas dinners on the 11th and 12th and not being one to miss out on an opportunity, I had to reach out to him, despite the short notice. Sean was gracious enough to get back in touch saying it would be his pleasure to have me as a guest. I was pretty pleased about this thinking he meant simply squeezing me in i.e. an extra seat (as I imagined the event would be fully booked) but little did I know generous Sean was actually sorting me out with  yummy vegan food and drinks - all complementary (massive thanks Sean - much vegan love).


The event was held at The Gallery Cafe and gosh the staff were absolutely amazing (follow them on Twitter here). They were very welcoming and despite having hosted an xmas party the night before, there was nothing about the evening that felt like it was repeated. Staff were ridiculously friendly and genuinely wanted to make sure everyone was happy. They couldn't have offered more of their time, service or delicious food & drinks if they tried. Will definitely be visiting again. Check them out below smiling with Sean....aaahhhh!


I have often wondered the answer to this question but the other day, I had a nut roast for the first time at The Gate Islington - a vegan restaurant (blog to come soon) and I was absolutely blown away! So last night at the xmas meal, I was keen to taste what else vegans could possibly eat at Christmas. Prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor..

Check out this scrumptious starter of white winter root vegetable soup - celeriac and parsnip creamed and cooked to perfection. I LOVED the extra touch of crispy parsnip on top - didn't even need bread! Genius! 

MY GOD! The main was to die for. Like I only ever want to eat at The Galley Cafe for the rest of my life & nowhere else! This was a roast dinner & a half! Succulently cooked seitan, chestnut & cranberry stuffing which tasted shamazing, roasted carrots, crunchy potatoes, red cabbage (sweetened with raisins) complete with sprouts with facon and red wine gravy! YUM YUM YUM. All I'm saying is that staff at The Gallery can cook me dinner anytime!!!

My favourite part of the evening was this scrumptious dessert of traditional christmas pudding topped with irresistible brandy cream. It was so freaking yummy, I had to bring some home with me! Nom nom nom.


You'd be surprised how many people have asked me that since I began my vegan journey! So last night, I brought all my filming kit with me and captured some lovely people talking about how and why they became vegan. Can't wait to share the video once edited. In the meantime, here are some pics of the event. I met some absolutely incredible people who have since been interactive with me on social media - shouts to Phil BestMark Snell & Becky Coupland (click on their names to follow them on Twitter). Thanks to everyone else too for being uber welcoming! Phil is also a ridiculously talented musician - check out his awesome website here and his YouTube videos here. By the way Phil - so damn modest, totally under-playing your talent until I found you out online! *Tut Tut*

I had one of the most amazing nights ever and just wanna say a HUGE thank you to Sean for having me. I have a feeling this is so not the last time I will see you. Hoping to do some more work with you in collaboration with Veganuary very soon! Can't wait! 

Guys, make sure you stalk Sean on social media! 

Lots of Love
xo xo 

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