Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Dear gorgeous person you!

WOWZERS! If someone told me I would ever take becoming Vegan seriously, I would be like 'Hell no way!' However check me out - I am indeed becoming Vegan. I'm currently in a transition phase which simply means I'm trying it out, starting off with the 22 day vegan challenge.

My family and friends think I'm absolutely mad but I tell you what - I am having a blast. I once wrote a blog titled 'Food I love, Food I hate' and this completely describes my love hate relationship with food as that is what it is - love & hate. However now, I somehow feel powerful in my decision making about food.

Here's a video blog I made to explain all. I also have some tips on alternatives for the basics like milk, cheese and butter. I will definitely be bringing you more. Make sure you stick with me. My challenge started on the 30th of Nov and 22 days should take me up to the 21st of December. Got a big decision to make then because I LOVE my new vegan lifestyle.

Lots of Love,
xo xo

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