Wednesday, November 05, 2014


Hello gorgeous person - you, 

If you have been following me (thank you millions), you would know by now that Dig Music is a project pet of mine that I have been working on for a while.

I am very proud to say it's my original idea - yes, literally my brain child! I came up with this idea whilst I was presenting my early breakfast show (Mondays to Wednesdays 7-10am) for Westside FM. Gosh that is another story in itself. I presented my show live and it was always a buzz, an adrenaline rush! I totally loved every minute of it.

Anyway, I always knew I loved music but whilst I was DJ-ing at Westside, I realised how much I really loved music.... and then Dig Music happened. The idea is to capture new artists at what I believe is their finest form i.e. artists who are unheard of but have the same quality as artists you hear on the radio today. These artists are unsigned, hence untainted by the "commercial sell-out" brush of most successful artist you see on telly today but are just as hungry, if not more! They put in all the hard work and gig almost on a daily basis - Ed Sheeran stylieee!

Picture what I mean yet? No? Okay- think "A Day in The Life Of..." meets "Fearne And..." meets "SBTV". I'm sure you get this now. I currently write, produce and present the show myself and so far we have taken pride in going to the artists' houses - as personal as it gets - to bring you right to their real life! No gimmicks... just as they are!

Usually the shebang is we have a cup of tea, have a sit down informal chat and then we get them to sing us a song in their kitchen/bedroom etc. Trust me, it sounds simple but it looks shhhaaamazing!

Hello!!!! Check out our new Dig Music Logo! It was made by the lovely Lu Lindi 1/4th member of one of my fav bands The Papers who the Dig Music Team are forever working with! (Love those guys! Big up Yaz x). Thanks Lu for this amazing logo! He just knew exactly what I wanted and made it happen in less than a week! Couldn't be more grateful bro. So without further ado, here is it.....

I'm so very excited and can't wait to bring you more of actual Dig Music! So far we've featured Nate Maingard, Joelle Flanders and the sensational Rothwell! Here's Nate's taster...

Also just to let you know the Dig Music team is growing slowly and we're looking for an amazing editor who is preferably London based. If you know anyone, please ask them to email *thanks guys*

We're constantly looking for amazing artists as well, so likewise, if you do know any (must be London based due to our very tiny, almost none-existent budget), please tweet @joyogude

We're also looking for sponsors so again, please email if you fancy sponsoring us or know of someone that can *thanks millions* This has been the hardest thing so far - having zilch money towards the production of Dig Music. So please please please help if you can - if not with money, perhaps to spread the word :)

Cheers guys! Looking forward to showing you more of our work in music. In the meantime, feast your eyes on a short video I made last year to raise funds on Kickstarter (please note you can no longer contribute on kickstarter).
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