Monday, November 10, 2014


Hello gorgeous person- you,

I've been getting a lot of questions about where the blue dress I wore to my lovely friend Dee's wedding was from.  Thanks for all the lovely comments on the blog I wrote titled Diyanah gets married by the way. So I guess you can call this blog a continuation of that but more from my blue dress' perspective - how totally vain upon vain! LOL Well, you asked for it so are some more pictures. Don't forget to scroll down to the bottom for details on where to buy!

Arrrhhh! I know what you're thinking - total blue dress overload! To tell you the truth, I'm in love with this dress. I had been invited to Dee's wedding well in advance but being the last minute person that I am, I didn't start looking for a dress until the week before. Kerry Katona is alright but she's not particularly a fashion icon hence not really someone I would take fashion tips from. However the week before the wedding, I was like - hello! What are you  wearing?! Being pear-shaped, I immediately loved it because it was body con and below the knee. So I literally googled "blue dress with mesh and white collar" - lo and behold - it was on the first page! Bingo! I discovered the amazingness of Designer Desirables. Gosh, they have some pretty cool outfits that for an ordinary girl like me - are a little bit on the pricey side but for this blue dress, I certainly did not mind.

They currently have a sale - this loveliness has been reduced from £95 to £66.50 so even better! Go buy, take some pics and don't forget to tell me what you think in the comments below. I have to say though the material is a little stretchy but in all the right places. I bought it in a size 8 but could have got away with a size 6 as the dress itself sucks you right in. The collar can be a little annoying especially at the back as it finds it difficult to sit on my neck but I wonder if this was due to my hairstyle on the day (heavily concentrated at the back) or just the fact that the collar had been sat folded in that shape in the dress factory for ages *don't know* - overall, this wasn't actually a problem.

 I also saw this lovely alternative on the same website!
Let me know if you buy this dress or you already have it. Also, if you know any amazing websites to buy high quality dresses from for reasonable prices, please suggest them in the comments below!

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