Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Dear gorgeous person you!

Of all the categories in my blog, this is the one I am most excited about. Why? Because it's my newest brain child. Don't get me wrong - I'm extremely excited about 'Dig Music', 'Dig Food', 'Health & Fitness' and 'Lifestyle' but 'Career Profiles' - oh it's definitely something special.

I got the idea when I attended a {TVCollective} event where we had breakfast at Kudos in Islington. I actually went to listen to a talk by Simon Wright {@spimon} - everyone knows who Simon is so shame on you if you don't know - crawl out from underneath that rock! haha! FYI he is a former BBC Talent exec - erm so yes, he's a huge deal :)

Anyway the story goes like this - Simon gave his talk - he was amazing and extremely helpful as always - he gave me a hug and said goodbye and then right after Simon's talk was an opportunity to meet with the executives of {KUDOS}. Kudos are a massive deal. They basically make all the amazing Dramas on TV e.g. Utopia, Broadchurch, Law & Order, The Tunnel and many more - go check them out!

So anyhoo, I'm like standing in this room thinking well...erm... TV Drama is not my thing but I'm sure I can make the most of this opportunity. Before I know it, I'm shaking hands with all these amazingly big people and they're so very down to earth and start telling us the story of how they got into TV. So I'm like 'Bingo!' - there's my next adventure - 'Career Profiles' - the idea is to get all the juicy goss from people who have made it to the top and then share it with oh you gorgeous reader!


So far, I have interviewed Dan Isaacs - Chief Operating Officer of Kudos and I'm so so so chuffed about that! I can't even believe I bagged such an amazing interview! Make sure you subscribe via email as I will be releasing Dan's interview on Friday. I totally can't wait. He has some amazing advice for everyone trying to get into TV. He was brilliant to spend time with and I learnt so much from him. Right after the interview, I was so excited, I went to Bill's and wrote the blog called 'Lunch at Bills'. Click {here} to read that. You can also click {here} to read a bit more about Dan.

Career profiles is open to suggestions - you can suggest people to interview or may want to be interviewed yourself. All you need to do is email joyogude@yahoo.co.uk.

We're not limited to just executives, you might be a TV Runner, Researcher, Commisioner, Editor, Cameraman or even a doctor! All careers are welcome.

Watch this space.

xo xo

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