Friday, November 14, 2014


Hi gorgeous person - you! 

So the other night I literally couldn't stop pinching myself when I was invited to the CDN Awards at ITV. To be in with a mix of such great people who were all in one place to celebrate diversity in media, was a dream come true.

Man of the hour - Warwick Davis

With Ade Adepitan - Paralympic Medallist & TV Presenter

I am a very proud member of the TV Collective  (follow them on Twitter here) and so I was invited as one of their guests (thanks to the lovely Simone Pennant and Catherine Ezekpo who both looked stunning on the night). I got to ITV about half an hour early which is usually a good thing for me so I can familiarise myself with the environment and people & I did just that. 

The event itself was absolutely amazing. It was filmed in the same studio as Loose Women but of course absolutely transformed. The amazing Warwick Davis presented it and we had a whole host of celebrities presenting the awards - Gok Wan, Jonathan Ross, Alesha Dixon, Ade Adepitan, Alex Beresford and many more. I was very excited to find out that a show I used to present 'Whats Up' was nominated in Groundbreaking Program category - unfortunately they didn't win but just to be nominated is a massive deal so I'm SO proud of them. 

We were ushered into this amazingly decorated room that had waiters everywhere you turned, standing with little plates of food and glasses of champagne. Of course as a non-drinker, I was on Elderflower all night but normally I love to have a taste of food at events like this but I was way too excited to care about food. 

With Alex Beresford - ITV Weatherman

With the gorgeousnesses - Sarah-Lola & Raynor Taylor - both actresses

The best thing about Whats Up being nominated was finally meeting the gorgeous Jacqueline Shepherd who is one half of the show's main hosts (follow her on Twitter here). Jaxx and I have been friends for 3years but never met. Years ago, I contacted her on Youtube when I saw her presenting on What's Up which was then on Sky 3. She was so lovely and helped me get the presenting gig on Whats Up in 2012/13. Despite presenting on the same show at this point, our schedules were very different and we just never met.

She was also a radio presenter at Colourful Radio and helped me get my radio presenting gig on Westside FM - I went on to present my own breakfast show three times a week for almost a year in 2013-14! It's amazing how people can have such a big impact on your life sometimes without knowing & although I had said thank you lots of times - I was very pleased I got an opportunity to meet her, give her a fat juicy hug and say thank you in person. She was just as lovely as I thought - beautiful inside and out! (Love you Jaxx xo xo). Also managed to have a chat with Bob about being back on the show and it's looking positive so watch this space :)

With Bob Clarke - CEO MYP & Creator of TV Show What's Up

With AJ - Co-presenter What's Up

With Steven K Amos - Stand Up Comedian 

With Lendon Lumsden - Director of Strategy & Income MYP

The night ended with an after party and I met some amazing people. Some celebrities came to partaaay and never being one to miss an opportunity, I was snapping away! Excuse the boobies - I AM SO SORRY! I am ridiculously flat chested but that flipping push-up bra was working overtime!!! I literally look like I fancy myself - erm I don't lol.

I met some amazing people from telly - Eddie Botsio  (Award winning journalist who has also worked as an online producer for WatchDog, Commissioning editor for BBC 1Xtra documentaries and he's an amazing photographer - check out his website here).

With Eddie Botsio - BBC Journalist 

I also met Dippy Chaudhary - Features Editor for Current Affairs at the BBC - our conversation started when she saw me take a picture with Warwick Davis and said "Oh that's very brave" - I tried to persuade her to take one with him but she was so sweet and humble and kept on saying she needed a few more drinks first. Our conversation then progressed to "Career Profiles" which as you know is a project I am working on to interview people in television and find out how they've got to where they are! Bingo - she was interested, gave me her email address and said to contact her. So watch this space.

Striking up conversations at these sort of events is surprisingly easy - people say women in TV can be snobby but I honestly have yet to come across that. The ladies loo has always been the one place I tend to strike up the most conversation. I met the absolutely amazing Noelle Morris - Exec Producer at KUDOS in the loos when we were just talking about "back pain" - don't ask lol. It was brilliant because then we progressed to talking about me being a Chartered Physiotherapist and then it became about Career Profiles and before we knew it, we realised we had sort of met before (when I visited the KUDOS office to interview Dan Isaacs). Whaaaat??? Media is a very small world. 

Also in the ladies loo, on a different occasion, I met Tanya Mukherjee - follow her on twitter here. Gosh she was so humble. I thought we were just having a girlie conversation in the loo (As you do) and then it very quickly progressed to what we do. So she's like telling me  how she pretty much put the whole show together with a couple of colleagues and my jaw just dropped. Tanya is the Diversity Partnerships manager at ITV and Chair Representative for CDN Network. I was like hold up - this is all your work? What an amazing job her and her team had done that evening. It was such a privilege to meet with her as considering by that time, it was the end of the evening, I just wanted to give her a mahusive hug and say thanks so very much for a wicked night out! You would expect someone like Tanya to be like "Oh yes, we did this and that.." but actually she was more interested to find out what Jaxx and I thought about the evening - like she was making sure it all came across well and that we'd had enough food and an amazing time. Trust me, if you were there, you'll know she had absolutely NOTHING to worry about! Everything was perfect! I love her even more because we didn't exchange details - she just wanted my name and promised to find me - and so she did the very next day - on Twitter! xxmwahxx

Couldn't help myself! haha

Gosh! what a night! I wanna do it again.

xo xo

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